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  1. My suspended aviaries are lined with cement sheeting to reduce the heat effect and I've had no problem with it. Having said that, and as Kaz said, it's on the ceiling so the edges are pretty much out of reach for chewing anyway.
  2. Did any of the affected batches make it to Australian shelves? Also wondering if anyone on the forum uses this, or any other handrearing formula for their budgies, either as supplementary feeding or to handraise their budgies.
  3. How close to the fence it is will be an issue council will have rules on. Agreed. My council states the aviary has to be a minimum of 1 metre from the fence. However the distance from the front road is to be a minimum of 5 metres and the distance from your own or neighbouring house is up to 25 metres dependant upon the number of birds you keep. Definitely worth tracking down your council website (or visit if the info is not available) to determine if your chosen placement recieves the council tick of approval.
  4. I know this is only a typos or spelling gaff, but ya gotta laugh when trying to picture budgies or birds eating palletts..wooden they get splinters LMAO :D That's what happens, when your spell check,dosn't tell you have put the wrong word. :rolleyes: Pallets: A designer food for wood ducks!
  5. D: I feed pellets as an ADDITION to my birds balanced diet which also consists of seeds (dry and sprouted), vegetables, and assorted mineral additives. BJ: Most show bird breeder are more concerned with progeny production than the long term liver & kidney damage, due to vitamin & mineral overdose. D: That's a pretty broad and sweeping statement and an insult to the people who frequent this forum. It's also contradictory as long term liver and kidney damage is going to prevent progeny production. I am aware of the effects of feeding particular pellets as a sole source of nutrit
  6. *sigh* here we go again........ I feed pellets as an ADDITION to my birds balanced diet which also consists of seeds (dry and sprouted), vegetables, and assorted mineral additives. The pellets are offered in a separate bowl on a daily basis. Most of my birds eat the pellets, a few do not so obviously they mustn't taste too bad. I'm not sure why people insist on coming on here and starting threads about how pellets are the work of the devil and nobody should feed them as a single source of nutrition to their budgies. I note you're in Manchester and I'm not sure how things operate over i
  7. ask RIP......she both uses this and sells it. That's the Ken Yorke product she sells Yorke The link given above by Jimmy is a free one and quite comprehensive but takes a while to grasp.
  8. Thanks Vicki for posting, I hadn't heard this news which is very sad. A lovely person and a huge loss to the budgie breeding world.
  9. You can get a good look at BIRDREC from the screenshots at the following link at Ken Yorke's site: http://users.tpg.com.au/users/kyorke/p20.htm
  10. Don't let this non-ring event happen to you. Remember the chorus of the following for advice next time:
  11. An awesome result Splat, congratulations. For those that don't know, this is one of the biggest things you can win on the Victorian Show Calendar in the year!
  12. Definitely a pain RIP. YUP! I'm ALWAYS going to honour my high school science teacher and his calling them Mendel Squares so no matter HOW many times you make this point it won't make an inch of difference okay! Well sorry, but ya teacher got this one wrong. Just like trying to explain to some notable budgie breeders that YF is recessive to green and not masked by it, right Good luck. Some people just can't assimilate and prefer to listen to the usual run of the mill BS! When faced with this argument I just ask them to explain to me how YF is masked in both SF and DF and
  13. The YF is only dominant in the Blue series but recessive in the Green series. Perhaps the question should be as to whether the YF should even be termed a Dominant variety!
  14. Whilst on the topic of "The 50% Rule", I would like to discuss the following: There is no such thing as "my bird is 50% breeder A and 50% breeder B" (or ANY percentage less than 100%), just because you crossed 2 birds, one sourced from breeder A and one from breeder B. I believe this is a constant error perpetuated in auction catalogs and in general conversation. Let me explain my thinking using simple colour genetics with which we are familiar with and in each case I'll relate these back to the statement above. I'll also refrain from using actual breeder names and simply use th
  15. I think FordMob has hit on something here. We bleat about loss of numbers in "the fancy" but maybe it's just an image problem. Maybe to get more blokes involved we need a bit of a danger element thrown in, a Fear Factor if you like. You can't sit at the local with a few mates and tell them how you've been pulling spots and trimming vents all day. You'd be laughed out of the Ladies Lounge. That stuff just doesn't do your manliness levels any credibility. Forget about terminology, what we need is meaner birds, dangerous little b@ggers that strike fear in the hearts of even the blokiest bl