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  1. He's all back to normal, there is no indication of injury & he's back to normal activities, eating, attempting to mate with both females (typical male) & chewing things to pieces.
  2. So at my friend's place there is a starling (the black shiny birds with yellow beak) been standing on the ground floor of her apartment building. It has got onto the first step of the ground floor & doesn't move when people walk past or other birds call out it makes no noise. What should she do?
  3. Thanks for that, I was feeling a little panicked. He seems okay this morning, he's flown up on the curtain rail & is undoubtedly pooing all over the curtain. He is sitting on both legs instead of one, which is weird. I'm due for a vet visit so will make sure the doc checks it out.
  4. Female picked on one of my boys & in so doing he backed away & wedged his foot in two wires that angle down to a vee. I pushed his foot out and he is in pain. He initially leaned down like he was almost lying on his tummy, he then was shaking a bit & then I saw him stretching the foot down. I've put the other budgies in the cage to leave him alone & he's sitting puffed up by himself & hasn't moved. Is there anything that I can do or do I just leave him alone?
  5. Oh thanks. That's what I originally thought but then a friend said females don't & I started to worry it could be an indication of being egg bound. She really gets into it & it looks hilarious, we call it their 'happy time'.
  6. I have a male that rubs himself to & fro on the side of the budgie cage door to relieve his budgie urges however one of my hens has started rubbing herself on a rope. She holds herself on there with her beak and rubs her bottom against the rope from time to time. Is this to do with egg laying or something? We're due for a regular vet check up but would like to know what the deal is.
  7. What an awesome aviary set up, it looks like fun for the birds. I love the wine rack idea, I'm going to cheat on that idea.
  8. I recently acquired two females from Lealotta on the forum. They're pet budgies & adorable little munchkins. I already had two male english budgies & so now my flock is 4. That is the limit my husband has declared. We're not interested in breeding them, they're just our pets. We introduced the 4 of them a week ago & they're getting on very well & now all in the one cage. Mia one of the new additions Mia, Hannah our other new addition the 'something' pied (forgot) & Tyson my grey. Mia, Hannah & Tyson Rigel blue cinnamon Hannah & Mia
  9. Rigel my sky blue cinnamon is a bossy boots & has a fantastic way of letting me know what he wants. Some examples, I was in the lounge & I heard the ‘angry dolphin noise’ ‘Eck eck eck eck’ & looked & he was sitting on the sink wanting a drink from the tap. Eg 2: In trying to convert Rigel to pellets I would just put a small scoop of seed & pellet mix to encourage him to not just pick out the good bits. There was fresh vegies & a seed bell in his cage so he wasn’t starving but he did a couple of times pick up the dish & let it drop noisily on the cage to get my attention when it was time to replace the seed/pellet mix. One day I was cleaning & I could hear noise but was just ignoring it & then I heard ‘angry dolphin noise’ & looked & he picked up the dish & let it drop again. Apparently he had been doing it & lost patience with me not noticing his efforts. He seems to accept my limitations. Eg 3: The 3 stages of wanting to be let out of the cage. Step 1: Hang off the front of the cage right in the middle so she can see me. Step 2: She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed so I’ll pace backwards & forwards on the cage floor in front of the door several times. Step 3: Press the button of my talking toy over & over that says “hello” loudly. Step 4: Back to step 1 & follow through with the process until I get my way as I know I will get my way eventually. Eg 4: Rigel gets excited when he sees me go to the millet spray box knowing the delicious goodies it holds. I had lazily left it out for a few days & Rigel landed on top of the millet spray box, it fell over & he just hovered & then landed on it again. Hmmmm what could he be trying to say?
  10. 172. When you say 'I love you' & your husband says 'I love you too' & you decide not to tell him you were talking to the bird.
  11. How interesting. The budgy was incredibly quick at becoming used to them. It would sit on their shoulder & nuzzle into their neck all in less than a week. I thought it must've just been an incredible bird but perhaps that had to do with it being so young?
  12. It was eating seed on its own. Would it perhaps not have been eating enough?
  13. Hi Kaz, I rang her up & got the answers. Thanks Age of budgie ? Not exactly sure maybe 4 to 6 weeks. Just been kicked out of the nest the breeder had said a day or two when I could get the budgy. Poopy bottom ? Yes. Sitting fluffed up on the perch ? If so, for how long ? Was sitting on the bottom of the cage this morning, first sign of illness. Fresh seed every day and not an owner thinking there was seed when it was HUSKS ? Fresh seed every day Candles or incense burned in the house ? No Sandpaper sheets in the cage ? No Shellgrit in the cage ? No Cage kept where ? Lounge room against the wall, near windows but not in direct sunlight Covered at night ? yes What food was the bird given ? budgy seed, millet spray, carrot, water.
  14. I'm so glad to have that in writing!! Guilt trip be gone with ye. What happens if its not fully weaned? Weakened?
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