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  1. ooooh thank you very much guys!!!I feel much better now :hap:
  2. yeah, we've thinking about a girl. I though that is don't give them a breeding box they wont breed - Am I wrong? Because we can't to breed (too much for us) about shinny objects.. I think it is another topic but.. he still a little wild He's going on my husband's finger and only if to ask him a lot, I'm not talking about my self at all.. he is acting like still scared of us. i was waiting, talking to him (we're not stoping and the radio is on at all the time we're not home HE'S LOVE THE MUSIC! By The Way).. but start worry. is it normal?! he've been with us almost 2 months I don't know what alse can I do... help...
  3. They are so cute AV! Actually I was wondering… are you gonna give some of your babies away any soon? We’re thinking a get a little present for our Jelly, as a little budgie girl He is talking to the wild birds outside of the house and loves to play with his bells, also he has a bell which has a mirror ball with it (as a disco ball) and he is talking to it! So I think that he can see himself in little peaces… so we start feeling bad because of it. and my husband said “he need a girl!” and send me to you to get him a friend
  4. Hello! I was playing around on ebay and saw few playgrounds for birds. Then I've start thinking how does it work and does my budgie need it or it is just a waist of money.. Our little one is about8 weeks old and his wings still growing after clipping, so he's not flying yet. I think that he's not moving enough... yes, he's "running" around his cage and he so funny when we're letting him out of the cage he's walking on the floor (it's so cute he and his little steps) anyway.. What do you think about these playgrounds? And please let me know, in case you've got one, if your budgie actually using it. It's seems complicated to me.. Does bird going to know what to do with all that stuff...? Thanks
  5. whit3tig3y thank you for the opening thi topik! I feel like my little one is eats at all the time as well. I've tried to introduse vegies as well but nothing.. just seed. I've made for him a salad with corn, carrot and cupsicum... I think that he've tried just a little of corn. Nothing alse is working...
  6. Hi AV. I think that he's doing the same thing that his dad used to do! He is twisting his body! first I thought that he twisting it because he's sleepy (like people twist their body) but no I see that it must be the thing that you've told me about his dad! each time we're coming closer to him he starting doing it! and it's looks like he is telling "don't touch me! i'm busy"
  7. oooh i'm so happy about that as well
  8. heh at the time he has a lot of names, it's all of the cute name as cutie, sweetie, baby, boy... also one of them is in Russian (it doesn't have a translation), which means- the one who clean him self a lot. that what he does at almost all the time. By The Way Does it mean anything? or is that normal? p.s. my husband bought him a little portable radio :hug: to make him feel not alone when we're not home
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! On the first day we were worried that he is not eating but yesterday (the second day at our place) we saw him eating next to the feeder 3 times! I hope that he's feeling better! Also he start interacting with his new toys that we bought for him, he especially likes his swing, he was sleeping on it We're talking to him all the time, even when he was ignoring us. And once we left to the kitchen for dinner and he start “talking” (in him way), we came into the room, he’s quiet, came back to the kitchen and he starts again, so we came to the room... and it was so funny, looks like he wants attention because the each time we're coming in we're talking to him Today when I just woke up I went to see him. Guess what he was doing? Eating Yes, I'll put up photos of him soon
  10. Thanks AV! I feel a bit better now. cos I wasn't sure what alse can I do for him and how to entertain him. ooh my husband is so funny and sweet he's talking to the Jelly at (almost) all the time in a babytalk :party0011:
  11. He's cage in a family room and we are there at all the time and TV is on. Hopefully he'll be more comfortable soon
  12. Hello AV, again. news about a baby. By the time we came home he is ignoring us First - He doesn't want to come off the box, so we've put him in the cage together with the opened box (I didn't want to push him), then maybe in a half an hour he slowly came out by himself. so that was the only step he made. after that he step up on the wooden bar and were facing the wall till 5.30, I was so happy when he (finally) turned to face us (also I haven't seen my husband that emotional ) Now he is slowly slowly changing his positions around the new cage. I'm worried about that he is not eating :ohmygod: I've put 4 feeders with the food around the cage (as you told me to do) and 2 with the water and he's not touching it. Is it normal?? I know that it takes some time wile he'll use to us and new cage but wasn't thinking that it will be that painful. I was thinking to check if he is full (as you shoved me) but he didn't let me to touch him What to do?? P.S. Sorry for the bad new or.. maybe it's not that bad...
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