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  1. Was wondering if Jaboticaba is safe for budgies. Our neighbour gave us lots as they were going to waste, he said it is extremely high in vit C he also said that the wild parrots only eat from it a couple of times a year due to the high amount of vitamins and minerals found in them. Has anyone tried this with there budgies? Is it safe to feed? http://www.fruitlovers.com/fruittreedescriptions.html There is a picture of them here, there a small black grape like fruit that grows on the actually bark of the tree.
  2. I know we have lots on this subject but they don't really seem to answer weather or not you can give dried herbs to budgies. I want to know if the safe fresh herbs that can be given to budgies can also be given to budgies in the dried form. Thinking of adding some dried herbs to my budgies mash.If I can, can all the safe herbs be used in its dried form sparingly.
  3. okay I don't really want to separate as I can't have another cage in the house, however Im gonna try having 1 out at a time in the mornings instead of both out together so 30-40 mins out each and see how they go with that. DUring the day there fine just first thing in the morning when I get them both out on the play gym.
  4. Hamish who is just over a year old now is starting to get boisterous with Molly (who is over 3 years). He tries to mate with her but due to her 'dissabilities' as mentioned in a previous post she falls off the perch. Sometime she gets mad and chases him round the cage, mostly its the other way round but hes starting to really annoy her by the looks of it. I don't want to separate them, but i worry as she can't fly she falls to the floor of cage or even the floor itself when there out in the morning that she might break something. What should I do, she doesn't want a bar of it. During the day t
  5. I give the extras (fruit, veg, herbs) Mon - Fri and my own grain mix with egg and bisucit Sat and Sun. So they get extras every day. They have seed available 24/7
  6. After loads of research I came to the conclusion to use it after reading that it has many medical properties and also as a natural antibiotic for birds or something like that, so now i use it regularly in my birds water. Also I find that during the warmer months when they tend to bath in thier water bowls it gives the feathers a nice healthy shine to them, and it being vinegar its probably good at keeping the mites at bay too as I used to always have a problem with red feather mites, but since they bath in this stuff too I haven't seen them for a while.
  7. Mineral block? Is there any i should look for specifically as I know some are made of plaster of paris?
  8. At the moment this is my weekly feeding schedule, im constantly review it to see if there are anything that I should add or things I should take away. Can i have your thoughts and oppinions on my feeding routine please for my two pet type budgies, Hamish who is a young cock bird who is just over 1 year and Molly who is over 3 years and we think suffered from a lack of calcium as she has no strength in her wings to fly even though she tries (drops like a stone though) and also possibly has rickets. Monday: - Variety of fresh vegetables/fruit (served plain or mixed with somebaby food
  9. Is almond meal safe to add to soft food mix? I found it in a health food store and it hasn't been asked before on the forum. Also I have read coconut can be used as toys but can budgies actually eat it, I was thinking about adding a bit of shreaded coconut into my birds soft food mix also if its safe.
  10. I was watching Hamish stretching his wings this morning and noticed that there is blood in one of the quills of his flight feathers Im assuming its a blood feather? What should I do can you prevent it from bleeding once the feather actually falls out? The feather hasn't fallen out yet is there any precautions i need to take??
  11. do you treat as if for parrots 5g per litre of drinking water???
  12. Cara

    Oat Bran

    Thanks for that, i was search through the organic sections and found some other grans and things that I wanted to ask about: - Almond meal - Shreaded coconut - Buckwheat - Pearled Barley - Royal Quinoa - Red Quinoa - Couscous Are there any particular ways to offer these is they are safe? Do they need to be cooked first, soaked over night etc? Thanks again
  13. I bought some Triple C today and was wondering how you use it/ administer it to budgies. The back of it says that all ornamental birds be given 5.0g/kg in dry food or 10g/kg in rearing food however my birds don't get kg of food nor would they eat that much in a day between them, what do you do with it can you add it to drinking water like you can with the vetafarm probotic? My birds arnt sick I just thought it would be a useful product to have on hand incase.
  14. Is oat bran safe to give to budgies?
  15. As most of you know Molly my budgie was a rescue and has some health issues which means she can't fly at all and just drops like a stone. Ive been keeping my eye out for wire platforms that you see in rat cages and was wondering if anyone knows were I could get these without purchasing a rat cage. At the moment we have a series of ladders set up so she can sit on them easier but would like to get some wire platforms just to make it a bit more easier for her, and it means I can hang toys at different levels too not just from the top of the cage. Anyone know were I might find these, Ive asked pe
  16. Past couple of weeks Ive been trying to get my budgies to try some egg and biscuit mash. I tried mixing it up with all there favourite vegetables and they wouldn't touch it. I decided that I would try mixing the egg and biscuit with some of there everyday budgie seed mix and they funny enough they went for it. So i decided seen as Im trying to get them to eat healthier that I would make up a healthier grain mix to mix with the egg and biscuit mash. I would still give them fresh fruit and veg mon - fri but I would give them the egg and biscuit grain mix on the weekends. Here is a list of i
  17. I havent posted in a while, a few weeks ago my budgies Hamish and Molly sort of went of vegies ect and only ate seeds, I was thinking because they were bored with corn, peas and carrot (which is what I always give them, as it used to be there favourite) and another reason why they don't like the new vegie dishes I bought because there slightly deeper and Hamish loves to really get into his food (and I mean he really gets into his vegies and sits on them when he is eating) so I bought a bigger, shallower one and the seem to like this one better they both can sit and eat in it. Anyways so im res
  18. Hi guys haven't been on for a while. Were going to Europe in a couple of weeks time and all the animals have a place to go to while were away except for Hamish and Molly my two babies. Ive tried asking relatives and work mates and other friends but there either coming away with us, there house isn't suitable or the cage would be too big. My grandparents suggested leaving them with my Great Grandma but she will be away for 5 days during that time and Im not keen on her just leaving them there with no interaction or anything for 5 days. Great Grandma is my last resort, though Im not happy about
  19. Cara


    Are chokos safe for budgies to eat? How is it best served? Raw or cooked???
  20. oh thanks, Do you know of any book titles that deal with this???
  21. Oh didn't no that it had a different name for budgies, thanks
  22. I have a friend who is studying vet science she asked me to ask you about chlamidiosis if this occurs in budgies. I tried searching it on the forum but unless its spelt differently I had no luck. Do you have any info on this I could pass along to her? Shes needs to know anything and everything on this.
  23. It sounds like a possible respitory infection but I could be wrong
  24. I have searched for tips on how to prevent birds from breeding and change thier cage around every week when I clean it and introduce new toys too. For the first few weeks Molly wouldn't let him near her, but now she is starting to preen him too. He has unsuccesfully tried to mount her a few times, this ending when she didn't agree to this and pushed him away. But know after watching them, shes starting to become friendly with him too. Its a real love hate relationship between them, one moment shes biting his feet the next shes getting all cozy. I don't want them to breed as Molly can't fly and
  25. Well Im not worried if you guys arn't.... I just thought it weird that her feathers had black tips Non of my other birds had black tipp feathers even when going through a moult