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  1. Hi all, I walked into my avairy to find that one of my hens had blood on her nose. I was trying to find out why when i opened the nest box and a MASSIVE rat came out!! ew! I was shocked and than realised that thats what the hen had bitten because it was im her box (luckly she had not layed) . I than thourght that maybe rats can get rabbies!! and she might have got rabies from biteing rats help can they??
  2. Hi, If the father will not feed the babies and the hen is plucking them than you may have to hand rear them.
  3. That sounds great! lots of variety but without complication. I am just interested why you put apple cider vinger in every couple of days?? Oh so that why you put the apple cider vinger in the water. He, he Good try The reason we add it to the water is to raise the acidity levels so that it combats Megabacteria, very prevalent in budgies, which is a yeast.
  4. Oh okay hmmm........... What do you feed your budgies? and how much do you feed fruit, veg and extras?
  5. Hi everyone. I have looked up ALL different websites about the general wellbeing of budgies. I have always wondered why breeders (and most people that own budgies) use pellets as a part of their budgies diet, Now that I am older I finaly understand( seed contains alot of fat and not enough nutrition and this shortens your budgies life). I have always fed my budgies MOSTLY seed and 1-2 a fortnight they get corn and carott,grass,celery etc. I looked on a few websites and it had the corret amounts to feed a budgie (30% pellets,20% seed etc.) I can not find this anymore and I can't find it on the
  6. I was looking around for easy stuff to make and I was dieing to get a look at the link!! But it's not working could you just type the website out?? Thanks
  7. Well i have other thing to do that are more important and i am only asking this now as i feed my budgies fruit and veg and grass but would like to extend to what i feed them!??.
  8. Hi All, I would like to no what fruit and veg and plants i can feed my budgies??Is frozen corn okay once its defrosted? Can i feed my budgies clovers? What cant i feed my budgies?
  9. is there still a budgie of the montyh?

  10. Hi, do you have any clearer pictures looks like a boy to me but some clear pictures would help.
  11. I dont no what type of mites they are. but i have talked to a breeder before and they said that the boxs should be taken out at this time of year and i am not concerned about the eggs being effected but would like to no if it is okay to treat my budgies that have eggs if they get mites as it iratates them ???? Clancy..... STOP PANICKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firstly you have assumed WRONGLY that hot weather means mites. IT DOESNT. The problem you will have is breeding through the hot weather NOT MITES. and as far as mites goes they affect birds and bird babie
  12. DOES ANYONE NO IFIT WILL EFFECT EGGS???? okay, well probably not queensland. Just right now in the drier states it is breeding season, witch temperatures up to 38c. (but dry) Throw your birds eggs away, and then only if they have mites treating them. As already mentioned by KAZ, It is purely coincidenc it happened last time..
  13. QLD last time this happened my birds got mites at the moment for us it is the stormy season so it is humied or sunny its normaly about 31 degrees .......
  14. I went away for christmas but forgot to take my breeding boxes out before it got to hot to breed as my budgies may get mights.Now some of my hens have layed again but i dont want them to get mights i have opened all windows and have put a fan in there..... is it okay to sray my hens and cocks with might spray (aristo pet bird mite & lice spary) to prvent mights will this effect the eggs?????? Please help as i do not want the lice to start!!!