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  1. Cheeta


    Sherbert is gorgous. Generally many people here can sex a baby by that age. I would say that's a girl as well, but from my experience from my budgies, I have two that started out looking like that but eventually turned out to be boys. who knows...
  2. awww, they are all gorgeous!!! I like your second picture with the wing stretching so cute.
  3. congrats on the success with the incubator. good luck with the chicks.
  4. reason why I said its different bubs is because in the first pics you can clearly see the spangle tails marking with the middle two being clear and in the second picture you can't see that anymore, and the wing markings seems to be a bit more like normals rather than spangles. but again I think it's definitely cinnamon as compare to the one next to it's it's much lighter. not so black.
  5. Ummm are you sure that's the same baby? because the first picture is definitely a spangle, but that second picture, it looks more like a normal marking to me. the second baby looks to be a cinnamon baby to me.
  6. Hi Nerwen. It's been awhile. :dbb1:, but I've been busy... will get some new pics up soon since I've got some downtime coming up soon. May be it's just my monitor, but it looks cinnamon here... though on closer inspection, it looks more dark brown possible black but the light is making it darkbrown from a certain angles.. Bea has a point, but may be it is because it is a cinnamon?!?! hehe, which has diluted the colour?? even grey green that I've seen has brighter yellow than that one. Just a thought.. hehehe
  7. hi there, nice to meet you.
  8. Dont forget what Splat already pointed out... it's a cinnamon too!!! :ausb:
  9. That's great Kaz... :ausb: I'm sorry to read about your fingers though... it must be pretty hard to do anything with only one hand... I can't wait to see the final results of the new birdroom!!
  10. What a little cutie pie!! It's great when you get surprises isn't it.
  11. yes that would means that there's a 50% chance that he's split for those mutations.
  12. yeah Iwas just looking at your signature, and didn't see any recessive pied. hehe
  13. if you swap one of them to a recessive pied, you'll get 75% recessive. :budgiedance:
  14. you'll have 25% chance of getting a recessive pied. :budgiedance:
  15. I'm wondering if the one you have alive still might be a carrier or a disease and is passing on to other birds it had come in contact with.
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