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I'm So Sorry Polly

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I know this is long but I hope someone reads it.

Okay, let me tell you about Polly, he was my best mate.

I had been looking around for a hand tamed bird for a while, and I actually had in mind a more exotic bird but when I saw Polly on trading post online I knew I had to have him. After convincing my partner we took Polly home when he was 7 weeks old.

My parents gave me a budgie for my 7th birthday and Sweetie lived for eight years and was a well handled and friendly bird but Polly well exceded my expetations of him.

Pretty much as soon as I had Polly home he would let me scratch him and he loved it and I fell in love with him. Okay, now I'm going to brag a little and I know everyone thinks their pet is the best but Polly really was special. His wings were clipped when we got him but as soon as he could fly he wouldn't leave me and my partner alone. We had him set up in the loungeroom and as soon as I came home he would call out to me to let him out and then fly to my shoulder and stay there. He would sit on his perch and play with my finger while talking and he never seemed to get tired of this. He had so many phrases he could say - "what's in the fridge", "give me a kiss", "I thought I saw a puddy cat, I did, I did see a puddy cat", "I love you Brendon, I love you Lauren", "hello Polly", "hello sexy". When we talked to him he would give us his full attention and would look at us with a cute happy look on his face, he loved it. One time I was with Polly and he said "**** off Polly" after he said it a couple more times I confronted my partner and asked her if she had been teaching Polly to say this. She sheepishly told me it was unintentional as sometimes when Polly landed on her and wanted attention she would say "**** off Polly". He was a really good talker.

Only me and my partner live here and about the home alone Polly would follow us everywhere. If we were making dinner he would be sitting on the fridge, if we went outside he would wait by the door for us, if I had to take a leak he would come too because it was more effort to get rid of him. When we had friends over Polly would land on them and be very socialable, we loved showing him off and everyone loved him. He was just so demanding of attention but that's why we loved him- because he loved us.

Now here's when it gets depressing.

It had only been two weeks since we had to put our two rabbits down after they contracted mixomitosis one was 5 the other 7 years old. That was really hard. A week before we had lost a third, we thought it was probably old age( over 8 years old ) at the time but obviously it was mixo too that killed him. They were so cute, loved pats and had a wonderful life playing in the backyard whenever we were home.

Depressingly I had to work christmas day and boxing day. I wished I was with my family in the country but couldn't get out of work. On christmas day I got home from work and my partner got called into work a couple of hours later. Being christmas and lonely and sad I had a few drinks and put some music on and danced and sang while Polly lapped it all up and loved it. Being emotional at the time I actually told Polly how gratefull I was to have him and that at least he loved me when I was all alone.

Polly drowned in a glass of water on boxing day. My partner had the glass and I saw Polly approaching it and told her to move it but she didn't and Polly climbed on top of the glass and dunked his head in. He got his head stuck and my partner tipped the glass out. He was fine and I told my partner off and cleaned up the spilt water but because I thought the glass was empty I turned it up. There was still about a centremetre of water in the glass and only about a minute later I looked down and Polly had drowned. I'm so sorry Polly. I am such an idiot. I feel so bad. It's been a few weeks but I still miss Polly with all my heart and just wish I could have him back.

I'm going to end now because I'm crying again but I just wanted to share what a great bird he was. He was my best friend and I will always miss him.

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im deeply sorry for your lose i know how this feels

i was taming a little bird for someone and he was coming along very well

he to loved company to point would want to be with you everywhere

i had my family over and as i was doing something for my daughter

i left the room thinking 5 capable adults would be fine with the little bird after all he was being doted all over

but i was wrong

everyone left the room leaving my uncle alone with my nanny

now uncle it the type that if something happens he wont touch it as he doesnt want the blame for anything

so when my little`friend tried to drink out of a half empty glass of water my sister left on table

instead of grabbing him out when he fell in as any normal person would

he walked out to me and proceeded to wait till no one was talking to me then he exclaimed in a very normal manner

i was just wondering if your bird was ment to be flapping upside down in a cup of water

i was OMG and ran out but it was too late


i never will understand why he took his sorry a r s e time to alert me and i guess i will always be cross he did not help him out

i didnt think anyone could be that stupid as to wonder if a young bird was actually ment to be drowning in a glass of water


so i actually can feel where your coming from

my deepest sympathy


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I feel badly for you and your loss..............what a terrible way to learn a lesson :(


I also want to say your tribute to your feathered friend was very special and straight from the heart. I enjoyed reading your account of his life with you and it brought tears to my eyes.

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Very sorry for the loss of Polly :(

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I'm really sorry for your loss, hang in there, time heals.

RIP Polly.

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Thanks everyone.

It's funny to think that I a 29 year old male but I never missed anyone or cried as much in my life as I have over my budgie. I read the replys yesterday but I couldn't reply because I was crying too much.

If, okay, when I get another budgie I will throw out all the glasses in the house.

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you are so lucky brendan to have experienced a fantastic bird such as polly

i can only hope one day i have a special bird like yours =]

he obviously was a great character and close to your heart, im sure he would have forgiven you as he must of loved you very much


and is that a picture of polly above? if so he is beautiful!!

Alpaca Boy.

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They are such tiny things, but hold such a huge chunk of your heart, I am so sorry for your loss.


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I'm very sorru for your loss :(

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Oh Bren, I imagine you must feel so, so low.


We all make mistakes but luckily most don't end so badly. I know I have made a few with mine and when you realise what might have happened it is that overwhelming feeling of relief. I get really mad with my family if they leave a door open a little or turn a ceiling fan on when the birds are out .... why can't they just THINK before they do that stuff? That's a lesson for us all to learn, as while I know I have heard of budgies drowning in a glass of water, I haven't really taken it on board.


My heart goes out to you. Polly sounds like like he was a treasure - appreciate the time you shared, and in time you will be able to remember the happy times and be able to smile.



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