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  1. Hi everyone, Just a quick question regarding budgie rings, I've read all the links on rings but I can't work this out. I have a budgie that I got from a pet shop and his gold ring reads "BCV x2 1706". I know that BCV stands for Budgerigar Council of Victoria, but what about the rest? All I really want to know is my budgies age. Does the x2 mean he is a really old bird born in 2002? I'm not breeding him or anything, I'm just curious to his age. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi there! Welcome to the forum. I would recommend having a good think about the kind of budgie you want. If you want a mate for the budgie you allready have, it might be best to get a male. In my experience with my own and other peoples birds, two females will not usually be great friends (my opinion), they probably won't hurt each other - just squabble a lot, where as a male and female will get along fine. You are probably trying to do the right thing by not breeding them, but they won't breed anyway unless you give them a breeding box. Even if you get a budgie from a repu
  3. bren

    Bobby :"(

    So sorry for your loss. He was a really good looking bird, and a wonderful personality.
  4. Hi everyone! I tragically lost my beloved Polly late last year and I still shed tears because of the way it happened and because I loved him so much. I have been searching for another pet budgie for a while but either couldn't find the right one or I wasn't ready yet. I actually resigned myself to the fact that I might not ever be ready again because what I really wanted was Polly back, not another budgie. It would be hard to get another one like him afterall, and it takes time, effort and a passion from the heart to get them to love you. Well today I went to the pet shop to get some rab
  5. Lol, definitely no promise, and I am glad you have not run away from the thread despite all the opinionated people like me (shows you have guts to stand up for what you believe, and I respect that quality). And like I have said I know you have a good heart, but understand it is an issue that will definitly cause a lot of passionate debate. And despite all I have posted I am still curious as to how it all turns out, and I hope you keep posting updates. No hard feelings. But I think your case is probably an isolated one and I just don't want people to start releasing budgies into the wild.
  6. One last thing Pops, the information your fellow members have given you is based on facts, not emotion as you have stated. You would be well advised to not be so stubborn and listen to the knowledge you are being given from many, many years of experience.
  7. Sorry if I have offended anyone and yes Maesie I totally agree with you. And Pops it can not be denied you have a good heart. I don't want to get in a slanging match with anyone. Just my main concern is that there might be copycats and this may start a trend of releasing budgies into the wild. I was fuming yesterday and I will probably refrain myself from posting further on this thread due to my strong opinion.
  8. bren


    Congratulations! A really cute budgie and good choice of cage. I'm sure you will get alot of enjoyment out of each other. Oh, and I think it's a male but definitely don't take my word for it.
  9. And Pops, you said that if these budgies breed you will catch them and rehome them. So why are you giving them a breeding box?I think it's alot crueler to catch a wild born bird and put it in captivity than catching an escapee that has grown use to freedom. Even if you caught the babies very young the stress is likely to kill them. I think it's a shame despite all advice against, you thought you knew better. I do not think you have thought this through very carefully. And also to the moderators of this site I think you should condemn these actions even if they were made with good intentions. P
  10. bren


    Hi Vicky, welcome to the forum. It's great that you are reading all the posts and preparing yourself to be the best budgie owner you can be. In regards to getting one budgie or two as you already know it will be a lot easier to teach and tame one rather than two. If you really want the bird to be a part of the family only bring one home. I know this is hard as they are all cute but try and restrain yourself! Also if you have not chosen your new budgie yet remember a male budgie will talk more and usually make a better pet.
  11. okay, while I am glad it has worked out well so far for Pops and Gladiator, I think it has to be stated for people new to the forum DON'T DO WHAT POPS DID. It is very unlikely that if you released a domesticated budgie it would survive in the wild. Also Pops I don't think it is fair to assume Gladiators previous owner was a kid that didn't treat her properly, she may have been someones dearly loved pet. How would you like it if one of your spaniels was lost and someone just kept it for themselves rather than make any atempt to find the owner. Just because the bird struggled and shrieked doesn'
  12. When you are home put the bird in the place where it is likely to see you the most and interact with it heaps. Don't stop talking to it and letting it know you are it's friend. If you really love it and pay it as much attention as you can it won't take long for it to bond to you. As for stepping up don't try too hard and stress the bird out, have patience. And when you are with him leave him in the cage but make sure it is open so he can come and interact when he wants to. Background noise might make him happy but I don't think playing a soundtrack of other birds will make him bond to you