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  1. Hello all, what does it mean if my female budgie is regurgitating food to my male budgie?? thanks
  2. Hello, if my female budgie is preening my male budgies is this a sign of a compatible pair??
  3. Does anyone know why my male is regurgitating and preening the female but he isn’t encouraging her into the nest box?
  4. If my budgies are regurgitating good to each other and preening each other does this mean they’re interested in each other and may breed?
  5. hey everybody! does anybody know what time is best for breeding budgies in Australia?
  6. Hello all, I have had my two Club/English budgies for 3 weeks now. They’re very interested in each other, regurgitating food to each other and preening each other. They’re located in a larger aviary with no other birds. I have been putting millet next to the hole of the breeding box which has made the budgies come close to the box, but they haven’t gone in the box yet. Both budgies Ceres are the right colour for breeding. Does anyone have any other tips that I can use to get the budgies to go into the box ? Does anyone know when budgie breeding season is in Australia ? Thanks 👍🏼