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  1. Hi everyone thought id introduce myself kinda im fairly new here i have noticed its not as busy here as it once was i have only found this forum in september anyways lol Im brooke im 24 and have just started breeding very small scale (only one pair lol) i have hand raised for many years for friends but since moving havnt had the chance my budgies are breeding for me now after perchesing them from diff places about 9 or so months ago i have my very forst baby who seems to be thriving sadly had one baby die as he was hatching out still 7 eggs to go not sure whats fertile and whats not as i
  2. Sorry after looking again the nose is off looks like a blue princess x with bourke
  3. I know this topic is way old lol but just to clear things up this bird is a blue princess parrot
  4. Hi thanks for the reply i used two different sources of light one being the sun and another being a flashlight couldnt see anything but black in the eyes but that makes sence about cere
  5. Hoping my photos work I think I set them right lol :/ This is my dark green cinnamon Dom pied boy now the confusing part he has a colored flight feather his cere has never changed colour AND is eyes are pitch black no iris's ??? I'm lost lol he is also over 2 years old
  6. I say male it's a recessive pied meaning males cere stay pink I say most def a male
  7. Kaz did you end up test breeding him? What was the outcome if you did
  8. Its a light green dom pied male recessive pieds don't get iris rings dom pieds do he's very pretty
  9. Alla what did the baby turn out to be to me looks like a little male few years on now surely it would have become clear