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  1. I agree with you Budgie lover.. if the bird is over a year old or just turned one.. and cere hasn't turned brown.. then MALE as recessive pieds male cere stays pink its whole life.. I have a pied who is 3 years old and has a pink cere..
  2. Yes giving them vitamins with VIT D in it, cuttlefish bone and mineral block..
  3. Selling 2 budgies at $20 each ... all breeding age over 1 years old 2 x males (sky blue recessive pied & sky blue/green cinnamon) Please contact me via mobile phone 0439 393 960 or 0411 752 558. - Rocky
  4. Thanks.. Would anyone be able to tell me the mutations for these?
  5. Can u please tell me the gender of this budgie It's a sky blue recessive pied
  6. Hi Everyone.. Could someone please tell me the mutations of these birds? The bottom two are paired up.. so what will their chicks be?
  7. Hi all just wondering is it better to have the flight cage indoors or out doors? I use the flight cage to get them into breeding conditions.. I currently have it indoor in my garage. With excessive lights and a heater to keep the temperature warm. But my question is.. Would it make a difference if its out door or indoor? Would they get in condition faster if flight cage was outside?
  8. Thanks for your reply.. I tried swapping the pairs around last night.. but it saddened me when i saw Pair One Hen calling for its mate.. so i paired them up with their original partners.. Im now leaving them be.. Pair 1 in breeding cage double bay Pair 2 in breeding cage single bay Pair 3 (young ones) in the flight cage until they are older Ive got lights on for them all day.. and a night light at night.. Ive got a heater in there on low heat to keep warm at day/night as they cages are in my garage. got plenty of food, mineral block in each cage and cuttle fish,
  9. Hi All I've been reading up on pairing up breeding pairs... Some say separate the cocks and hens in separate cages for a fews or weeks.. Why is that? If you put them in a flight cage (no nest box) both males and females.. is that still okay?
  10. Hi all Just wanted to know people experience with breeding cabinets.. I've bred budgies via aviary. But now I'm restricted to breeding cabinets because of rental restrictions for my house. What i wanted to know is.. people opinions or experience with single breeding cabinets or double breeding cabinets.. I have a 6 bay breeding cabinet that can convert to 3 double bay breeding cabinets.. cause i can divide the middle to separate pairs.. IS it better to keep a pair in a single bay? or a double bay? I've had mixed comments saying go double because it gives them room to fly for exercise