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  1. Friend took me to a local bird store which i did not know about.. Saw 2 english budgies already tame it took 5 days could not resist went back there myself and got one of them =D not sure on the gender i was told age was 2 months i was guessing maybe female my first english type budgie
  2. yea i have made a thread already What Sex Is My Budgie? section
  3. i think its stress? maybe cold draft because mine did that when it was scared in my hand!
  4. i have both babies under (6mo) right now one is the full yellow called i believe dark eyed clear i think? and the other one does look like the "dilute" i had a thread up few days ago Supposively the dilute will have the iris ring? i read it somewhere but cannot remember where! any idea?
  5. wow hes eye looks cool all parakeets i owned did not have that white ring
  6. ive had yellow for 2 months now always had a white ish cere and the snowflake been 3 weeks i think its a dilute.. another angle aaaaand they pooped all over my hand