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  1. Thank you, I have talked to my vet who seems to think it may be he is settling in, if i am still worried by Monday he said to take him in for a check over : )
  2. Hi, I have had Boris since Sunday and have noticed he does not clean his vent and it looks unkept. He is eating and happy drinking chirping. The pet shop will pay for vet fees if he is ill, so was wondering do you think he is ill? And what could it be. His poos are looking okay from what I have read of how they should look like. Thank you for any input. Floyd http://s1163.photobucket.com/albums/q560/Floydogle/Snapbucket/?action=view&current=fde90454.jpg&mediafilter=noflash
  3. Thank you. His name is going to stay as Boris then !
  4. Hello everyone I need help on sexing my baby budgie I have looked on the Internet on how to but I can't decide if the ceres shows it as a boy or girl . Also can anyone tell me what type/ colour he or she is.? The Pet shop were unable to tell me an age, but this budgie was a lot smaller than the others, what age are pet shops allowed to take baby budgies.? As I think it must of been new in. Many thanks in advance Floyd. http://s1163.photobucket.com/albums/q560/Floydogle/Snapbucket/?action=view&current=d754fcd0.jpg&mediafilter=noflash