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  1. Hi, thanks for your reply. Am I correct in saying it couldn't be DF grey as one parent was skyblue? The parents' lineages I have no idea - bought both birds from different breeders at a sale in August. None of their other birds on sale had any of these unusual patterns. I have noticed on this bird that the stripes go right down to where the black cheek spots are, and onto the grey feathers. Also, on the grey rump area, there's also some very light barring (whether this is just the way the feathers are sitting, I am not sure, but I don't think that is the case - I don't observe these stripes on
  2. Hi, I have produced a baby budgie that is a lot darker than any of its nestmates; it is nothing like any grey budgie I have ever bred; or any budgie at that. Here are some photos: The grey body feathers appear to be the same shade of grey as its two younger siblings and every other grey budgie I have had (pretty sure). For comparison, here are photos of two of its nestmates, showing how different its head is from a normal pattern and an opaline pattern. I thought it was an opaline chick when it was younger as it’s down feathers were while like it’s skyblue opaline
  3. I now have five babies, and a possible sixth to arrive tonight… hopefully morning brings a new baby! So far: #1 Hatched 22nd November #2 Hatched 23rd November (it looks like it is much younger than #1, probably because it went without food for a while…) #3 Hatched 25th November #4 Hatched 27th November #5 Hatched 30th November #6 … 2nd or 3rd December??? Still noticing the babies having dried stuff on their faces, only #1 and #2, and today #1 had a bit in its eye… So I take them out each day to check on them. I also have been recording weights on odd occasions. #1: 29/11/13 (7
  4. Hi, Babies are definitely here! So far, there’s 4 babies, 3 remain in the nest of the Grey Opaline x Skyblue Greywing, while I fostered another out for good reason. Hatched 22nd November Hatched 23rd November Hatched 25th November (Fostered) Hatched 26th November Here’s a bunch of photos of #1 and #2 (#4 only arrived yesterday evening, haven’t had the opportunity for some photos. The last 2 days I have also noticed #1’s eyes starting to open and its back is getting darker. 23rd November: 26th November: 27th November: I had an issue with #2 yesterday, when I looked
  5. Woke up to this wonderful surprise this morning to my Grey Opaline x Skyblue Greywing pair.
  6. Getting back into the swing of things... The Grey Opaline Hen x Skyblue Greywing Male are currently on 7 eggs, and have confirmed that some of these are fertile - yay! In addition, my Turquoise Parrot is happily sitting on 3 eggs - should be due to hatch fairly soon, but I am unsure of exactly when, as I have no idea when she laid them - it should be very soon though
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had experiences with mixing their budgies with neophema parrots, particularly Turquoise Parrots. I have a pair and expect some chicks soon, but before that, I want to know whether to organise a new aviary to place them in (as I don't wish to keep them with their parents), or if they would be suitable in my 3m x 3m aviary. Currently there are 13 budgies and 8 zebra finches (and don't fight between species thus far) - so there is LOTS of room. I think that, given the size and the apparent lack of aggression from my budgies that I have so far witnessed, it could be f
  8. Confirmed that 4 fertile eggs to green pair have died and other nest was totally infertile. Placing the green pair back into the main aviary and will try them next year. Will keep the grey and skyblue pair for another go, and deciding over an Albino Male x Cobalt Hen pair or Grey Hen and DF Spangle Male (green series) pair to replace the other pair. Hopefully the next few months see a long desired success.
  9. The eggs are now 23, 21, 20 and 18 days old and no chicks. I sprayed some light water on thm to give some humidity.
  10. Without candling, I am fairly confident that the grey and blue pair have no fertile eggs of the seven she laid. Additionally, given that the green hen started incubating completely from day 1, this makes 3 of the 4 eggs due already, and nothing yet. Sadly, this is looking like a 3rd and 4th failed clutch.
  11. Still waiting... Green Spangle pair have 4 fertile, while the other pair I am unsure as this girl just won't get off. As soon as I enter the room when she is out - she races in faster than I can act. So I don't plan to interfere too much with her. The green hen has no issues ... Anyway, still waiting ever so patiently..
  12. The current standings are: Pair #1 (Light Green Spangle Opaline Pair) 1. Laid 27.9.13 – fertile (expected 15.10.13) - not long now! 2. Laid 29.9.13 – fertile (expected 17.10.13) 3. Laid 30.9.13 – fertile (expected 18.10.13) 4. Laid 2.10.13 – fertile (expected 20.10.13) 5. Laid 4.10.13 6. Laid 6.10.13 7. Laid 8.10.13 Pair #2 (Grey Opaline x Skyblue Greywing) 1. Laid 26.9.13 2. Laid 28.9.13 3. Laid 30.9.13 4. Laid 2.10.13 5. Laid 4.10.13 6…. I expect she has more than five, but she is a tight sitter and haven’t had the opportunity to have a good look yet. I also have a p
  13. Hi Guys, Thanks for reading so far. To answer your questions: Maz – the green pair are both 2010 bred, so old enough to breed the last few goes – guess they were just unlucky! And yep, these photos are between 12-3 months old, but both hens’ ceres are very dark now. Also, a spangle doesn't look quite like this, as mine are spangle opalines (the male is poorly marked though, which is why he is lacking the black markings that the hen displays). Have a look on the web for pics, you'll see how different they are compared to when opaline is mixed in (opaline is why there's green on their wings).
  14. I am beginning to breed budgies again, and currently have two pairs in separate cages away from the main aviary. (p.s. hope my photos have been sized down correctly). The first pair is a Light Green Opaline Spangle pair, and previously have had two infertile clutches so far this year, but I removed their eggs as soon as I was sure. My second pair is a Skyblue Greywing male with Grey Opaline hen. They laid a week exactly after I placed the pair into a breeding cage – that was fast! This morning I checked in on Pair #1’s box (during a clean), and decided to give her eggs a shine.