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  1. hi all one of my pair of budgies have eggs but dont seem to be nesting, i have had them for three days and not seen them once in the nest box, the other pair next to them are constantly in the nest box, whats going on?? not good parents?? will they do this with every clutch??
  2. yeah they were outisde, thanks for all the help ill just cover them up at night with a blanket, thanks again.
  3. hi, thanks for the reply B.Jthe cage is wire all around with the nesting box at the bottom so it would be pretty easy for the wind to get through, i got a inverted water and feeder tube in both cages. i jst want to point out that when i brang them home they wouldnt go into their nesting box inside the house, as soon as i put them outisde they went into the nesting box so what should i do? wait until the babies hatch? although im scared the cold will kill the babies before i even get a chance to put them inside, it is a bit of a tricky situtation any advice??
  4. hi all i have two pairs of budgies that have layed eggs, atm i keep them outside, but if and when the eggs hatch should i bring them inside from the cold or keep them outside and cover the cage with a blanket at nigh, i live in melbourne and it gets very cold at night. this is my first time too so any help woulld be greatky appreciated.
  5. does anybody else know the sex of my budgies???? the green and yellow one keeps running up and down his perch to other one making funny noises does this mean budgie 2 might be a girl?
  6. what is scaley mites and how do i treat it? anyone else think there both male?? should i take another picture?
  7. hi all just bought a couple of budgies and wondering what sex they are Budgie 1: Budgie 2: thanks in advance for your help