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  1. Here he is with his collar. As you can see he cant really fly with it on so everything is lowered to grown level. He has quite good balance with it now. We go back at the end of the month to have his wing checked and they will decide then whether they leave it on for another month after that. Cheers
  2. Sorry I typed this before bed last night and I should say that we are hoping its worms or something (not bacterial). Vet gave him betdectin and a Baytril injection and his poos have no seed in them today so far. They are still not normal but better than what they were. Hope this means he is on the mend.
  3. Just an update - Sammy has had his collar fitted and he is not very impressed with it. Have had to lower all his perches to ground level otherwise he falls off and tips himself up (balance is slightly better today). Sammy had a blood feather come out in April and I had him to our vet when it happened and they gave him antibiotics and sent us home. When the new vet examined him yesterday he said that the blood feather had either not come out properly or it had grown back funny and was annoying him and he has tried to eat his wing off over a period of 6 or so weeks (wish the first vet had pic
  4. I have had Johnny to the vet yesterday. The vet has taken tests for the bacteria and given him an injection (not sure what it was as my husband took him and he explained it to him) and put him on a course of antibiotics. Should have the test results back tomorrow or Monday. He said it is either one of three things and we are hoping its a bacteria because the other two sounds as though there isnt much they can do for him and he would need to be put to sleep. The vet also said that he was very thin. Vet said as long as the budgies are not in the same cage then Sammy should be fine and not g
  5. The vet clipped our older budgie (just one wing) but he can still fly normally (personally I thought it was a waste of time). The breeder clipped our new budgie (both wings) and he can still fly too although not very far.
  6. We bought home our new budgie on Saturday (as company for our other budgie) and have them in separate cages. To start with johnny had green runny poos and i thought it was just because he was in a new environment, different food etc. Anyway over the last two days that bird has eaten nearly non stop. He has his whole body in the seed tray and seems to be eating constantly. I have given him fresh fruit and veg every day too but he has only nibbled slightly on any of it. ANyway today he has whole seeds in his poos. Is this normal for a budgie considering he has eaten himself silly. The run
  7. Yay had news from the vet that my boy is healthy and its definately a behavioural issue on the plucking. He goes to another bird specialist vet tomorrow to have an upside down elizabethan collar fitted for two weeks and then we will need to use the bitter spray to try and break the cycle of him plucking again. OMG the stress of it all. Thanks for your advice Finnie. The vet also said not to worry about Sammy not liking Johnny, that its normal and some birds are just like that (just like people i guess...LOL). I feel so relieved.
  8. Can anyone please tell me what variety my Sammy is. Hope the photos work as I am new to this.
  9. Thanks Finnie. The vet checked him for mites (he has had this once before) and it didnt seem to stop the plucking. I am going to make another appt with the vet for tomorrow and see what he says. I have noticed a huge difference in behaviour between the two birds (johnny is far more active) and sammy just prefers to sit or nibble on his toys. He is eating and talking lots. I think maybe you are right and that Sammy is sick with something. I have bathed him with warm water this morning (he was none too impressed with this).
  10. Kiwi

    Hi All

    Hi ya, I have just joined this forum. I have two gorgeous birds. A boy called Sammy who has a huge vocab, and we have just recently got another baby called Johnny (young albino male - well we think he is going to be a boy). I am from NZ.
  11. My budgie Sammy is about 3 years old and is a prolific talker and very sociable. In the last few months he has started plucking feathers under one wing pit. He has picked it so much that it bleeds. He has had a trip to the vet and received antibiotics and anti-inflammatory which calmed it down but didnt stop him from plucking. The vet suggested mirrors in his cage and more toys which we did but he still wouldnt stop biting at his wing pits. On the next trip to the vet he suggested he was doing it because of boredom and told us to get another budgie. Again we have another budgie (young bi