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  1. I can see two photos in the topic. I uploded them to photobucket and linked to this topic. Can't you see them?
  2. Hi, I already had a female budgie and a couple of weeks ago I brought a male one (if I am not mistaken). But I have doubts, so I want to make sure that the white bird at the left is a male or not. I have one more question. When I brought the male, my female showed great interest to him and become very happy. But the male always pushes her out. After 3 weeks male also get used to his new place and starts to flirt with her, but this time she gently pushes him out. Outer than that they are not fighting. Does these behaviors have any meaning ? Can these birds make a couple ? Thanks in
  3. Thanks for the advices I think I'll wait for at least one more month to introduce her a mate.
  4. Unfortunately, I thought this cute bird was a male as the salesman said it was and bought it a month ago. But I really wanted a male since I tihnk they are more lovable and prone to talking. This bird is cute, hand tamed and she never gets afraid when I touch it and scratch her head. However, she seems to be very calm and does not even change its position for a long time (both in cage and outside of the cage). But she looks very healthy. This makes me think that she is not happy and wont be like a part of the family as my past male budgie, who lived years ago, was. In short, I am deci
  5. Thank you for your information. Kagan
  6. Thank you for your answer. Yes all 3 pics are of the same bird, I have just taken those. I think they seem different because of the light in two different rooms. I will post better photos in daylight as soon as possible.
  7. Hello everyone, I am a new member and I am suspicious about the sex and age of my budgie. Can you please tell me your ideas ? I hope that the images are clear enough. I think it is 5-6 months old. Thank you, Kagan