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  1. Hi Guys!!!! Can someone please tell me the gender of these budgies. Looking forward towards a swift reply..... Many Thanks Ahsan
  2. Hi Guys, i have two pairs 1. Greywing + lutino hen 2. Normal Green + lutino hen what would be the outcome of the chicks....
  3. Hello Guys, Please help me sexing my budgie. I believe it to be a pair but i think sexing lutino is hard for me Just bought this budgie today for 7 AUD. Please tell me if its male or female. (I believe it to be female) THIS ONE I BELIEVE IS MALE?
  4. Thanks for the advice KAZ In my country Exhibition pair or King Size are really expensive but OLIVE GREEN Exhibition and KIng Budgie can be found cheaper so it just pops into mind that is it possible or not and if it is then i should concentrate to breed them. Few questions more 1. would offspring's be KING SIZE or normal ones. 2. Should we use a MALE KING Cock and a normal hen or opposite of it. Detailed comments will be highly appreciated.
  5. Aoa, guys question is very simple King budgie mate with normal bugies or not? Best Regards, Ahsan:rolleyes:
  6. awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome wish i could have bought one of these and breed as well but where i am they cost you a quarter of your salary.........
  7. Thanks Nerwen, My solely purpose is breeding. 5 years before i had round about 6 pair that were converted into 10 but at that i didnt knew anything about genes, mutation. Now i am trying to understand each and every aspect. i have read in some forums that breeds simply do not mate with each they only mate with their own kind. thats why i posted these pics as to would these two budgies will make a couple and breed?????????? and if they will then what mutation or breed i am looking at in terms of CHICKS......
  8. Thanks for the advise KAZ and i am posting two pics below. Can somebody please tell me would they breed or make a couple or not 1. Lutino female 2. i dont know what breed it is
  9. yes 100% (Bright yellow with red eyes) so would it be a male or female?
  10. Hi, Guys i am a little confused about the lutino budgies male and female recognition. I have just bought a budgie considering as a female one, but the crere shows a little bit of blue pigment but has white beak. Can anyone please tell me by the specs mentioned above, would it be a male or female? It would be kind enough, if someone has some pictures of lutino male and female young and adult pics to post here or has been posted here, can send me a link. Best Regards, Ahsan
  11. Dont worry man, they look nice, best of luck for the next season....
  12. i hope he is well now:unsure: