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  1. why for, y.four?

  2. She could have one other clutch straight after but no more.....but if you don't want her to .....just take the box out now and dispose of the egg, making sure there are no other "places" in the avairy she could use as a 'box"... Thanks for that. We will let her continue with the second cluch but would like to know how to stop them from producing a third? How (and when) do you separate them if they are both busily attending to their young?
  3. We have successfully bred our first cluch and all three babies have this week left the nest, but the pair are starting up again. The hen has layed the first egg of the second cluch today. We were not planing on them producing another cluch as we thought it best to rest her until next year. Is it okay for them to breed again straight after the first cluch have just left the box? Also how do you stop them from continuing and when should we remove the breeding box. We do not have a separate breeding cage, we bred them in the aivary (with a box mounted on th eoutside). We have the br