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  1. All 4 of my baby parakeets now have feathers and its SO hard to tell if their crops are full. They don't look full to me but it is so hard to tell! The oldest is about 2.5 weeks old. I'm scared the mom has stopped feeding them, she is rarely in the breeding box anymore and today I caught her and her partner mating again. Should I take one of them out? I'm scared she will attack her babies if she is going to lay more eggs. Thanks for any help!
  2. How would I know if my chicks have sour crop? Whenever I check them (all 4 of them) their crops are always full. This worries me that they aren't emptying at all. Also the older chicks (almost a week old) have dark seeds in the crop. Is that normal? The oldest two don't look as pink, they are still pink but starting to get feathers and they don't look as pink as the younger birds but they are growing like weeds! Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Oh thank goodness. She is an excellent mother and I'm so proud of her, she has 3 strong babies who are constantly fed and kept warm. I worry a lot about her health though. She acts normal though, thanks for the fast reply!
  4. My mama bird has 3 new baby budgies and is laying on two eggs but the area between her legs, primarily where she sits on the eggs and babies has no feathers, they are gone and I can see her skin, it looks so painful. I'm very worried. I've noticed feathers in the nesting box for about a week or so and didn't pay any attention to it. I'm very worried about her. Is this normal?
  5. Thanks everyone after my breakdown I left things alone and checked real quick last night...full crop...this morn I checked...full crop and a 2nd one hatched. Should I check tonight since she seems to be feeding the first one? She is around 18-19 months old, I assume this is her first set of babies, I got her from and friend and I know she didn't have babies when she had her and I'm almost positive that she bought her at a pet store. Also when I checked last night the male was in the nest box. Is that normal? I assumed it was okay so just peeked in and left... Kaz do you agree that 2 times a
  6. It looks like just air with a little yellow-creamish stuff but not much. This is my first time ever breeding so I have no one to foster it to. I thought I was so prepared and really well read before I started breeding and now I just feel helpless.
  7. Now the baby's crop is full of air. I have no idea what to do.
  8. My baby chick was born sometime early evening today and I checked on the little one about 10 minutes ago and I can hear it chirping and I peeked in there and the mom is trying to feed it straight seed and its crop is empty...when do I intervene? I'm so afraid my little one will die during the night
  9. She just hatched! It was very exciting but I'm worried, the mother is sort of rough trying to get her under her. Is that normal, she keeps trying to get her under her with the other eggs. Also when should the babies crop look full? At what point do I worry that the mom isn't feeding her. Now that one is born is there anything extra I have to make sure to have in the nesting box. This is so exciting!
  10. Yay! She laid the third egg today!! How often do you check on them usually? I've only been doing once or twice a day because I'm afraid I make her nervous. Ahh this is tough work, I worry about her but don't want to bother her or stress her out! Thanks
  11. okay my female laid 2 eggs 2 days apart, now its been 4 days since the last egg and she hasn't laid any more. She is incubating the two and just started that yesterday. Is 2 in a clutch normal or could she be eggbound? She is acting normal, granted I only check on her once a day or so, she had big poo's yesterday but no more eggs.
  12. Yep I have 4. I'll go and figure out how to change my profile thing. Thanks for the help!
  13. She is inside in a breeding cage sorry...My friend had her for about a 18 months and gave her to me when she had to move and I have had her for about 2 months now so she should be right around 2 years old. Also I have another very young (I'd say 6 months old) female (I think but am not sure, I posted her picture before in the sexing section and the majority thought girl) in with a 2 year old male, no nesting box or anything but the boy will not leave her alone, I have no plans on breeding them even when she is old enough but he wont leave her alone, should I seperate them or is it okay for him
  14. she is just sitting on her perch. I checked on her twice today, once right after she laid the egg and she was in the nesting box and when I went into the room tonight she was on the perch of her nesting box and jumped up to the big perch. i dont know if im just worried about her or if there is actually something wrong, I watched her from afar (I dont want to stress her) for a few minutes and she will randomly puff up and then go back to normal but her breathing seems fast to me?
  15. My female laid her second egg today. I went to check on her tonight and she looks fluffed up and is breathing a little fast. I'm worried cuz I know all these are bad signs. Should I take her in or just wait it out?