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  1. Hi Guys It has been quite a while since I have posted largely due to work commitments. My birds are all well and I am beginning to plan towards breeding in the spring. I haven't done alot in 2011 and have only rung about 50 chicks. Following the success I had in the 2010 season I now have alot of reasonable birds to pair up for 2012. I will keep you posted! Cheers Patrick
  2. Hi all, Sorry I haven't been on for a little while due to work etc etc. I hope everyone is well and your birds are breeding as expected. My birds are still doing well with most of my first two seasons young ones almost reaching six months of age. Which should mean I can hopefully reduce numbers somewhat. I've bred just on 200 birds since March and have learnt a lot in doing so. This Spring I've only have put down my best outcross pairs, 15 in total and have rung 20 chicks since Sept 1st. 6 of which are the Albino chicks pictured that come from a Albino X Albino pair
  3. Hi all, I haven't been on here of late due to work commitments but things in my birdroom have continued on nethertheless. I have 12 new pairs down at the moment and all appear to be clicking quite well with eggs or chicks in 9 nest. I mentioned in a previous post that I had 5 chicks from the pairing of a TCB Cock x Lution Hen. Sadly only two have survived which is coincidently the same number that survived in this Hen's earlier nest. It appears two is her preferred number as the chicks that died were perfectly happy one minute then dead the next. I will certainly be fos
  4. Hi Ratzy, I see what you mean by the picture, but she's actually quite obliging as hens go. As for the eggs five were fertile, but I am happy with that after having a lot of big clutches in the earlier rounds. This hen had two surviving Lut chicks from a nest of six earlier with a Lut Cock. I am sure he was the reason for the deaths, so this healthy clutch is good to see. Cheers Patrick
  5. Hi all, There hasn't been much to report of late in my birdroom. The remaining pairs from my earlier two rounds have almost left the shed. First round had 63 chicks, with the second on 111. Of the 10 new pairs put down on August 1st, 6 are now on eggs. The picture attached is of my Lutino Hen and her five chicks. She is paired with a good quality TCB from the same prize winning stud so hopefully they prove to be the same. I can't wait until they feather up. There is quite a gap in the chicks ages as the hen laid 9 eggs. Fortunately the youngest seems to be holding its own
  6. Hi all, So far 5 out of the 10 new pairs I have put down 14 days ago are on eggs. The signs are still promising for the other pairs with everyone appearing to get on well. My TCB Cock x Lutino Hen now have three chicks which I can't wait to see feathered up! The first two seasons which started out in March have now clocked up 172 chicks, 109 coming from the second round. By next month many of my first round youngsters will be 6 months old, so hopefully I can reduce the numbers and the seed bill. Cheers Patrick
  7. Hi Taboo, Thanks for that, and good luck with yours as well. Cheers Patrick
  8. Hi all, Pleased to say the first egg from my Spring round pairs was laid today. It was from a Cinnamon Grey Cock x Cinnamon Sky Hen. All this rounds new hens are now in and out of the nest box. I also put down two more pairs which are Split Lutino Cocks with Grey Green Hens. I used these hens as they were the best normals I had available and one of the Cocks is a good quality Grey Green as well. Also pleased to say I have my first chick from my TCB Cock x Lutino Hen. Really hope there is more to come and they raise them well. That brings the second round tally to 104 chic
  9. Hi Finnie, For sure,it's on a bend in the road and they get over confident with their speed. We get a lot of P plate drivers who like to take their car for a spin and literally do spin out of control. It's also a good spot for cyclist as the hill behind our property is very steep to ride up. Hence very steep coming down! Cheers Patrick
  10. Hi all, Thanks for the nice comments, hopefully the quality will be there as well as they develop. The birds have had a couple of upsets the last two nights as a result of two car accidents in the same spot would you believe, just behind my back fence. The accidents didn't make that much noise but the turn out of Ambulance,Police and Fire Brigade lit up the sky which tends to make the birds chatter into the night. Quite surreal as by morning it is all cleared away ready for the next one. Hopefully it hasn't disturbed the birds too much and I get eggs this week from the n
  11. Hi all, I had my 100th chick hatch from my second round pairs today. In fact one nest hatched out 3 today and 2 yesterday which was a first for me. Cheers Patrick
  12. Hi all, Pleased to say all the new pairs I've put down seem to be getting along okay, with a few of the hens already in and out of the nest box. The pairs now in their second round have 96 chicks between them along with 63 in the first round. As you can imagine that's a lot of noise and a lot of seed. I am hoping the TCB Cock x Lutino Hen that proved infertile in the first attempt may do better with the eggs due to hatch from the 8/8. Also a well bred Dom Pied from Sydney has not proved successful this far, so I am going to try him with another hen. Cheers Patrick
  13. Thanks Splat, Much appreciated! Cheers Patrick
  14. Hi GB Thanks I will keep that in mind. I'll see how everyone settles in over the next couple of weeks,who clicks and who doesn't. Cheers Patrick
  15. Hi all, I managed to put down eight new pairs today. I paired them as I have done before according to the Harry Bryan book. Not very original, but it works for me! That's as long as I have available and in condition good quality birds to do so. Pair 1.Sky/Lacewing Cock x Yellow Lacewing Hen. I had hoped to pair him to another White Lacewing but she's not ready yet. Pair 2. Albino Cock x Albino Hen Pair 3.Grey Green Cock x Normal Grey Hen Pair 4. Sky Yellowface Cock x Opaline Yellowface Grey Hen Pair 5. Grey Cinnamon Cock x Opaline Ci