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  1. Aww... thanks Where do I enter a photo in?
  2. Our new baby budgie The cere is less of a blue colour in real life...
  3. Our new darling budgie... so tame and lovely. Our kids all love her (or him?) to bits Any ideas on what we would call her colouring?
  4. Please welcome the newest addition to our family I think Goldie is a girl (new to this, but just guessing). She has whiteish rings around her nostrils... her cere is kind of purpleish still and looks like it is starting to go brown in patches? It looks bluer in the picture below than it does in real life. Our kids all totally love her and she is just a baby (we only got her 2 days ago) but soo tame and affectionate! We got her from a man selling them from his aviary. I have no idea how old she is, but definitely pretty young. I have no idea what her colouring and markings are