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  1. No, but i want to!!! Ummm.... have you ever... fallen asleep when you were driving!!!
  2. No Have you ever been on a camp?
  3. Is it somthing to do with a car wheel?
  4. Yes!!! have you ever............. sang a song SOOOOO loud that you went pink or purple??? :sadsorry:
  5. Hello Everybody!!! I hope you have a laugh!!! 1. How do you wake-up Lady Gaga??? Poke-her-face!!! 2. Knock knock Who's there? Bow! Bow who? Don't cry it's ONLY a joke!!!
  6. Bianca Brayden Breeanna Banana
  7. Nope Have you ever bit your nails down sooo low that there was pretty much nothing there???
  8. A huge rocket shoots it into space...
  9. No Have you ever gone swimming on a FREZZING cold day???
  10. Hi here are some Blonde jokes 1.how do you sink a Submarine full of Blondes. 2.how do you confuse a blonde 1. Knock on the door 2. Put her in a cirular room and tell her to sit in the corner There where two Scottish men and they where trying to measure the hight if a flag pole but they could'nt get to the top to measure it. Then a blonde came over and asked them what they where doing. They said."We cant measure the hight of the flag pole because we can't get to the top". So the blonde unscrewed it and then measured it. It was 12 meaters
  11. Hi My name is Bianca. I love animals! I have 3 budgies and 1 Kakaricky. My birds names are Mentos Leaves Morning and Kaza. I live on a camp site. i love netball, badmitten and swimming. My favourite colour is blue i love friends. Bianca (Bird Freedom) :hi: 4 visiting
  12. Hi everyone My name is Bianca. i have 3 budgies there names are morning, leaves and mento. One of my friends told me anbout this site she is Bird Haven. Sorry i don't have eny pictures of my budgies but i will try get some. Bye
  13. Welcome Bird Freedom

    How are you?