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  1. Yes, I agree. I think photos are the way to go.
  2. Yes, I agree. Photos and stories are always enjoyable to see.
  3. Hello everyone! I have a general question for discussion, feel free to contribute any ideas you have. The question is simple, what would you like to see in a blog about a bird? Pictures? Videos? Stories? What would you enjoy?
  4. Makes sense :emoticon112:, I thought it had it to do with other budgies in the aviary which the parents would find hard to cope with but anyway, I will find a good sized kindy cage. I wont be doing any breeding until my outdoor shed is built, I'm still researching the prices and what sort of shed I will need so if people have some ideas about outdoor sheds that would be great. I plan on putting my cockatiel cage in the shed along with the budgie aviary I'm getting, their will be one breeding cage, one nursery cage and one kindy cage. Since I'm only breeding one pair just to start of with I'm n
  5. Is it necessary to rest the parents if their is only two other budgies in the main aviary?
  6. Thanks Kaz, I will see if I can get a kindy cage to rest the parents in. Dave, the birds I breed will most probably be the pair I discussed with you a while back, that is if you will still have them when I am fully prepared. :thumbs_up:. Kaz, approximetly how long do the parents need to be rested for until they are ready to go in the main aviary, is their signs you need to look for from the parents to see if they are ready to go back ?
  7. Hi guys, In a couple of months I would like to start breeding a pair of budgies. I believe that I have done alot of research and I have the space and money to sucessfully breed budgies, in a couple of months I believe I will have sufficent information to breed them safely. I have been doing alot of research, flicking through the entire faq's section and breeding section, printing out articles which I think will be good reference for me in the future and Ive also read through the requirements to breed sucessfully and I think I'm ready. This is the setup I have in mind:, I have am going
  8. you mean my dream one has a lot of potential :question:
  9. :emoticon112: thankyou, now it makes sense. I would love to see some photos of your other aviaries, your setup sounds awesome. After the parents are rested to the fledged chicks go in the same aviary as the parents and the main flock? Also, are your other avaries like sheds aswell or are they those types of avaries that you can buy from petshops and different pet warehouses.
  10. oh right , your names sound similar :emoticon112: I really like Daz's setup then
  11. their it is!! :emoticon112: I really like your setup, even though it is your old one I think its a great idea to have that aviary outside!
  12. Hi, Thankyou for the information, I recently saw your new setup and I took some images from your thread (hope you dont mind) to ask a few questions. Your photos didnt show any flight cage or main aviary so I was wondering where you keep all your birds. Also you have your breeding cages next to the other section which appears to have other budgies in it. After the budgies breed where do the chicks go and where do the parents go ? and the other small section which you have shown in the photo, what is that used for ?. here are the photos I took from you thread just to let you know what I'm ta
  13. Hi guys, I was just wondering how I would go about building an outdoor shed which I can store all the breeding cages, nursery cages etc. I have been looking around the aviary section of the forum and I saw some excellent setups. I cant find it now but one of the members had a shed which had all the cages inside and then sort of a cage which hung outside the shed but you still had access to it via a door from inside the shed. Do these things come built or do you simply buy a shed and you need to do it yourself?. Also, some people have their cages in the shed plus a small section which they
  14. just a quick question after reading that post, this is the part which confuses me. After the budgies are 42 days old they are moved to the nursery cage: 1) do they stay in that cage for 3 months until they moult? 2) Where do the parents go when the chicks are moved to the nursery cage, are they put back in the aviary or somewhere else? After the chicks moult they are ready to go in the flight cage 1) Is the flight cage same as the main aviary? 2) Do the chicks go in the same cage as all the other grown up budgies? or are they in a new flight cage with budgies only their