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  1. Another quick update PAIR 6 has laid her 4th egg
  2. Hi all just another quick update, PAIR 6 has laid her 3rd yesterday. PAIR 3 is still laying on her eggs, they should start hatching anyday now. and also i have two pairs of pet types budgies on eggs. one pair has two eggs and the pair has 3 eggs
  3. Thanks for that link Squeak_Crumble, there is some some nice birds on that list. i'll be there but unsure if i will buy anything.
  4. Thanks RIPbudgies i will email Sue Adams tonight, the ring numbers of her birds and find out the pedigrees of the birds, the Sky blue Hen in picture#8, no she sits normally on the perch but when i put her in the show box she was nervous / angry
  5. Consider pairing the Dark Green/Ino to the Clearbody hen. You will then produce Normal/CB cocks; Clearbody/Ino cocks; Normal hens and Ino hens. This will start you off with some visual CB cock for next year. As it stands now Pair 3 only has a 25% of producing an Ino and it will be a hen and all the cocks produced will be Normal but some will split for Ino but you will not know which ones. Pair 6 will only produced Normal split Clearbody cocks and Normal hens. Unless you have been given pedigrees you will not know if any of the other birds are split but I would suggest being split for
  6. hi all here is an idea on how i might pair the new birds. tell me what you think Pair 1: Grey Green Cock (sue adams) X Grey Hen (ray slade) Pair 2: Grey normal Cock (sue adams) X Normal Green Hen (sue adams) Pair 3: Dark Green / Lutino Cock (dennis lomman) X Clear Body Sky Hen (sue adams) Pair 4: Grey Green Cock (ray slade) X Light Grey Cinnamon Hen (sue adams) Pair 5: Cobalt Cock (diana trevarten) X Sky Blue Hen (sue adams) Pair 6: Sky Blue Cock (L Edwards) X Grey Cinnamon Hen (L Edwards)
  7. hi all just another quick update PAIR 7 has been scrapped from by breeding program. i cracked all 5 of her eggs they were all duds and she laid another egg of the perch yesterday. that was the finally straw for me .
  8. Hi all can somebody tell me what Cock you would pair to what Hen ? i am not sure how to pair them correctly
  9. Photos as promised please refer to my last post for history of birds, enjoy looking at the photos and please leave me your comments of what you think of my birds COCKS #1 Dark Green / Lutino Cock From Dennis Lomman #2 Grey Green Cock from Ray Slade #3 Cobalt Cock from Diana Trevarten #4 Sky Blue Cock from L Edwards HENS #5 Grey Hen from Ray Slade #6 Grey Cinnamon Hen from L Edwards ( she just had a bath will take another photo after) #7 Clearbody Sky Hen from Sue Adams #8 Sky Blue Hen from
  10. Hi All. i got back from the NEBS tender sale, i bought 8 birds 4 to many . i will post photos tomorrow the birds that i bought are as follows COCKS #1 Dark green / Lutino cock, bought it from Dennis Lomman its a 2010 bird #2 Grey green cock i think but will comfirm tomorrow, bought from Ray Slade 2010 bird, Bloodline: Bruce Stafford ( i did not relise it it said on the card "does not grow tail" until i got home:( hope it not genetic ) #3 Cobalt cock, bought from Diana Trevarthen 2010 bird #4 Blue cock ithink could be cobalt, bought from L Edwards 2009 bird
  11. NEBS tender sale tonight, 110 birds starts at 8pm 49 Le Hunte kilburn St, SA

  12. okay thank you for that Sunnie