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  1. Please, I need urgent help! You need a little bit of back story. Please bear with me. My wife and I have recently moved out from living with my parents. Our aviary is fairly large so we haven’t moved it yet. That's the back story. I went round today to check on the birds and found that one is very ill. I tried to get a photo but was unsuccessful. Hopefully I’ll trigger some solutions just by describing her symptoms. Stella, our budgie, is missing a lot of feathers from around her bum and is flying very awkwardly. All around her bum is all black as well. She also has something black
  2. Thanks Maesie. Good tips. I'll give them a crack
  3. My wife and I decided to have a go at taming a budgie. All our other birds love corn, celery, millet spray. We've tried all three of these on Peanut and he hasn't touched any of them. Any suggestions? He is about 6 wks old. Thanks Simon
  4. Thanks guys and thanks for the link Hannah! It is a great article!
  5. Please help! My budige was hatched around nov 22 last year. He (i think) is a Lutino and his beak wasn't quite right so we decided to keep him and tame him. He had like scratches on his beak. I just noticed today that it looks like his beak is being eaten away. One side of his beak at the edge is white, not the normal colour. I took him out to have a look and I'm not sure. Any advice? Does this ring a bell with anyone? What can I give him to strengthen his beak? He has cuttlefish. Thanks. Please hurry. I want to catch this early. Simon
  6. Elly, I had a quick look for you FAQ's but had no luck. Any chance you could give me a link? Simon
  7. My wife and I have just finished with our third batch of chicks! Very exciting. We kept the first batch, sold the second and we are hand taming one of the third! I'm just looking for some tips for taming and training my boy. He is a lutino, hatched on Nov 22 so is about 5 wks old. His name is Peanut and he is VERY active. We put a toy in for him and he loves it. It is a heap of strands of cotton or something like that with beads tied into it. He tries to rip it apart and hides in it. Its great to watch! So far we have got him standing on our fingers when we push on his belly. We put ou
  8. Our little guy is perching! Not sure if he's flying very well yet, but he's perching so thats a start. He looked very proud on the branch!
  9. He has four bro/sis that we're taking down to the pet store tomorrow. They are some beautiful colours. Their father is green and gold but the mother is a rainbow of budgie colours and she's passed that onto her offspring. I think this little guy might be staying with us. I've wanted a budgie to hand tame for a while but it just hasn't happened. I might make him a little jungle gym with some platforms and stuff. He seems to like it on the floor though. I have a ladder in his current cage but he stays on the floor. Thanks for your help guys. Now I can avoid this in the future! I'll keep
  10. Our budgie doesn't look like the first picture. It sits on the ground all the time but not with its foot out in such a pronounced way. He has started flying a little bit. When he perches on my finger he tends to lean to one side. Sometimes he grips with both feet, but often one will have toes straight, not gripping. Possibly a broken foot?
  11. No photos yet. I think he is getting worse though... He, well I'm saying he because I figure thats better than it!, is still on the bottom of the cage, not flying, lying on his chest and doesn't seem to be getting any better. He sits up sometimes and we have been taking him out of the cage and making him stand on our fingers or a stick but he tires really quickly. His leg doesn't stick out to the side much. He tends to lean to one side and doesn't use one of his feet at all. I'll try for photos.
  12. I'll try a picture tomorrow when I get it out. Its a big ordeal! I've been looking at some pics online. Its not as bad as some I saw. Some have both legs out 90 degrees. This chick has just one leg that sticks out a little. We will be selling the healthy chicks and this one if someone wants it. If not, I'm happy to keep it and hand tame it. Does it take a lot to care for a budgie with a splayed leg? Thanks for your help! I really appreciate this and the cockatiel forum! What would I do without you! The internets not all **** and Nigerian emails after all!
  13. Should I separate this budgie from the others? Will it get picked on? And how do I prevent this in the future? Thanks for your help by the way.
  14. Just recently, its been about 5 wks now I'd say, I hatched 5 baby budgies. Well I didn't hatch them, but I watched intently! 4 of the 5 seem to be okay and are now sitting up on the perches. The last hasn't quite gotten there yet. It spends all its time on the ground, often lying flat on its stomach. I think there must be something wrong with one of its feet. It tends to lean to one side when it is standing up and when I put it on my finger it doesn't clasp with both feet and finds it VERY hard to balance. Do male budgies have a history of being aggressive with their young? I think we
  15. One of my girls is getting this crustiness around one of her eyes. It almost looks like her cere is expanding. Any advice? Thanks Simon