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  1. He is a pet type and she is tiny!
  2. Here's an up to date picture of my two little buddies. Cinnamon is going through her moult and is changing colour into a beautiful yellow!
  3. Thanks guys for the advice and support (even though I may have done the wrong thing). Cinnamon is happy and settling in well.
  4. This is such a cool thing to happen! Here's hoping it all works out well and both Mums raise beautiful babies!
  5. How often should a healthy budgie drink water? Does it depend on the weather? Apologies if this is a really silly question...
  6. I had her (and was observing her) for a day and a half and she hadn't eaten. I guess I probably was pretty stressed too, really wanted to see her eat. I'd spread seed and greenery around her cage (Floor and in containers) and she showed no interest at all. Every time she heard Muppet n the other room she'd start climbing around the cage (looking for an exit I think). Like you I hope they both remain happy and healthy. Only wanted to do the best for her.
  7. http://i621.photobucket.com/albums/tt291/l...ar/DSC_0009.jpg A new addition to the flock. http://i621.photobucket.com/albums/tt291/l...ar/DSC_0006.jpg Relaxing with Muppet. http://i621.photobucket.com/albums/tt291/l...ar/DSC_0005.jpg Yawning after a tiring preening session. Hi guys. Thought I'd share some pics of my new budgie Cinnamon. Cinnamon was in her own cage in a separate room but hadn't eaten any food for around a day and seemed pretty stressed. For her own health I decided to break quarantine and move her in with Muppet (after careful observation and a meeting outside t
  8. Hi guys, just wanted recommendations for an avian vet in Perth? North of the river if possible. Don't actually need one right now but I want to know a good vet if the need arises!
  9. Thank you everyone for your welcomes and advice. I have indeed gone to Libby to pick up my new addition and the little hen is truly a beautiful little girl. She's in her separate cage sleeping now. I've put her seed and water both in the normal "feeders" and in little bowls on the floor of the cage. I've followed the forum's advice about quarantine and I've got my two little guys in separate cages. I can't wait to introduce them in 6 weeks or so! I'll post pics of the little girl as soon as I can!
  10. Leave Muppet's bottom out of this!