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  1. Blue is quite an extreme neophobe. He takes a very long time to get used to new things. The one time I put a natural branch in the cage, he freaked out. Wouldn't go near it, didn't go to his food or water for almost two days until I removed it. I'm also a bit worried about selecting the correct type of branch. Botany = worst of my sciences. So I was hoping for a less threatening solution. But if someone can provide me with a good description/image of the type of tree/branch I should be looking for, I'm game to try that again. I'd probably try a smaller branch this time, and put it near whe
  2. Thanks Jimmy! That seems like a great idea. I will try that as soon as I can. So is his urge to chew his ladder just to satisfy his foraging instinct? Or is it also to shape/trim his beak like I thought?
  3. Hi everyone. I'm a fairly new member of the forum, although I have been visiting for a while as a guest (you can see a question I posted as a guest a while back here. I still have the same budgie I mentioned in that post. My dear Blue.) I have a question regarding budgie's chewing habits. I know that budgies need to chew on soft wood to keep their beaks trimmed. Blue recently chewed almost completely through the top two rungs of his wooden ladder (recently = in the last 6 months). I just bought him a new one, and he's started up chewing it again. I know its because he needs to do it,