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  1. Hi and welcome I am sure the other members will be along later to say hi and give their two cents as well Your little pip squeak is a girl and seem to be starting her moult. Depending on how poopy her bottom is (ie: not clogged up) I would say that it could be due to the stresses of moving and a new environment. She looks fairly healthy to me but just keep an eye on her bottom. And you are right with pip squeak not moving much or chriping much in the first few days. Once she is more settled in you will see and hear her make more noise and movements. Do not worry too much about not seeing
  2. Hi guys, I remember reading somewhere on this forum that it is possible to sex young babies using the shape of their ceres. Is this true in every occasion or does it need to be done with the overall colour of the cere as well? I am just wanting to practice my young baby sexing skills some more So lets say in this example, would it be safe to say that the white baby (bottom left corner, albino?) would be of a different sex to the baby behind it (grey feathers, NOT the yellow face)? And if so, which one would be male and which one female? I think this picture might have been taken with
  3. Sorry guys, that's the picture that the breeder gave to me. I think it is in natural light without flash. I do agree it's too bright. This is the only other picture that the breeder has of the baby.
  4. Thanks I was thinking possibly male too... It's a pied though, not sure if it makes any difference? It's mostly yellow with blue on it's back/rump. Does that make it a dommie pied or recessive? Not sure sure if it has any on it's chest.
  5. Can I please have some help sexing this 3 1/2 week old? Thank you so much.
  6. Hi fordmob. It throws up over a period of time until it's next feed. And by that time, it empties it's crop.... I'm starting to get really worried about the little fellow....... It's looking quite scraggally and thin now....
  7. Hi GB, Thank you for your reply. The baby is 3 and a half weeks old. Feathers on wings and head together with down and pin feathers on body, neck and chest. At first I did think it was just because it had eaten too much but it has thrown up three of it's feeds now and I am not so sure it is because of that anymore. Yes I am sterilizing between feeds and using different feeding utensils for each bird. Thank you for the lemon idea.... I will try that and see if it works. Do you have any other ideas as to why it could be throwing up? I've done a google search and seems like it ca
  8. Hi guys, I know it's Christmas so don't expect many replies but just thought I'd try. I have a 3 and a half week old baby which I am handrearing together with two others. All have been going well with the babies taking food and eating greedily until one of them started throwing up. Not while it is being fed but and hour or more after taking it's feed. My question is, what bacteria/ virus/ infection is causing the baby to throw up and what medication should I be getting (from the vet and any home remedies) for this baby. Thank you. PS: I know alot of members on here are not keen on the
  9. My budgie eats mealworms. It started off when I gave my quails some and she saw them eating so she tried some. Now whenever they are given some, she goes crazy and rushes down to eat them.... I would like to hear what others think about it too... as I know that mealworms are very high in protein... even quails are limited to 6 per day. And it's quite painful to watch her eat them as she hulls them like seeds!
  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a text this morning at about 1030am (NZ time) from someone saying that they found Tanza... After trying to rings 3 times, I get a text saying that he/she is in a meeting... So I wait... After almost 5 hours, I decide to text again...... The person says that they don't have Tanza anymore... That they've LET HIM GO..... I text back asking if it's some kind of joke and to just own up if it was a lie to begin with and I would leave it at that... Then I get a text back saying that they do have my bird and that I don't have to text anymore becaus
  11. Hi guys.. Thank you so much for all your support and suggestions... It really means a lot.. So far, I've: 1) put 200 mailbox flyers 2) advertised on every online website that I could find (think there was about 6 or 7) 3) rang every vet in town, even the ones on the outskirts of town 4) put up 6 larger posters on trees (I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to do this so that's why I didn't put too many.. don't want to get into trouble for that. I've placed them mostly on the "outskirts" of my mailbox flyer area.) 5) put his open cage outside... I've also placed several dishes of food a
  12. Thank you, Kaz.... And thank you, stace... That really helped.. cause I missed out calling the vets... Will do that first thing in the morning.... I've put out individual flyers (into mailboxes) around the neighbourhood.... how big an area do you think I need to cover? I think we've done about 3-4 blocks? Have also done all the online websites I could find..... I've put up some posters as well... will put up more tomorrow... I really hope someone finds him....... I miss him so much......... I'm trying really hard not to burst out crying whenever I see his cage... and I don't think th
  13. I know there aren't that many New Zealand members on here but I thought that there wouldn't be any harm in trying..... MISSING PURPLISH BLUE (Violet) BUDGIE NAME: Tanza COLOUR: Purplish blue AGE: 6 months MISSING: 10th March 2011 (11am). Around OLD FARM ROAD, HAMILTON East/ Hillcrest, Hamilton DESCRIPTION: Has a blue cere (nose), normal black wing markings, talks a little, no legring. Dearly loved pet. Need him back but any info, whether dead or alive, is appreciated. Please look out for him. Please, please PM me if anyone knows anything...... I am so worried a
  14. I would try and find the "ingredients" of it and maybe do a google search. And be especially careful about the product "anticholinesterase" that nubbly was talking about.. And then also wait for the experts on here to comment