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  1. I just got a new budgie today & need help with the mutation. She is solid white with no markings. Eyes have a hazel iris ring and the pupil is a root beer color but not red or pink. Also Does it look like a female or male? I tried to get a good picture of the eyes but my camera is a piece of junk grr.
  2. oops I forgot all about this thread. I'll take a picture this evening for sure.
  3. Yes he does have yellow on his chest. I take my birds to the vet every six months to get a check up and the last time I was there he told me that I should get the wings clipped so I did. I am now letting them grow back out. I'll try to get some good pics of his chest tomorrow but my camera isn't the best. Here are some new pics if they help any more.
  4. Thanks and I think you're right. She's looking more & more like her mother. Thank you! I had to whistle to get their attention. lol
  5. I've been having him since September 16, 2007 and i'm just wondering if he is a normal green or not?
  6. Thanks. They grew so fast and are really sweet birds. I've been having a great time helping raise them. This picture was taken tonight....The two oldest babies are starting to come out of the nest box and it's so exciting to watch them. The oldest baby stayed out for about 30 minutes before going back into the nest. Anyway here's the new picture: By the way what color is the baby at the bottom of the picture?
  7. Since I messed up on Gingers link here it is : http://www.danophotos.com/featheredfurryfa...s/dscf1781.html Thank you and i'm glad that you like them.
  8. I took some pics of the babies by themselves last night. I just wanted to share the updated pics of them. All of them together: http://www.danophotos.com/featheredfurryfa...s/dscf1773.html Sherri (Oldest Baby) http://www.danophotos.com/featheredfurryfa...s/dscf1776.html Ginger (2nd Oldest) http://www.danophotos.com/featheredfurryfa...s/dscf1776.html Un-Named (3rd Oldest) http://www.danophotos.com/featheredfurryfa...s/dscf1786.html Un-Named (Youngest) http://www.danophotos.com/featheredfurryfa...s/dscf1789.html
  9. Thanks so much to the both of you. I will find someone who can use it then...
  10. Sorry but I should had make it clear.... it's more of a pellet food. It's the same kind as this: http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_ima...S-5041813dt.jpg
  11. 4 months ago I bought Exact Rainbow canary & finch food by mistake and I forgot to take it back. I just found it in one of my closets and it's unopened. I was just wondering if I could mix it with my budgies regular food because I don't want it to go to waste. Would it be alright to do this or would it make them sick?
  12. Thanks so much for the helpful info. The oldest baby is thinking about leaving the nest now but shes not to sure about it.
  13. You've been very helpful. Thanks so much
  14. Can someone please tell me what a opaline is? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but i'm really trying to learn a lot about budgies etc.
  15. At what age can I start feeding my baby budgies millet, fruits, vegetables etc?