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  1. Nove


    I've kept him in his cage for the past few days, just talking to him and keeping him safe. I guess it's working, because I haven't seen him do his swallowing motion at all. I'm not sure when to start getting inside again, physical contact and all. Maybe after offering treats. Anyway, I thought you'd appreciate the update. Thanks heaps, C.
  2. Nove


    Yes! An Avian vet I was referred to in Knox City. Very kind. We're thinking that maybe the swallowing motion is a sore throat of some kind. The swallowing motion sort of looked like regurgitation, but up until a week ago or so there was no evidence of any kind that he was bringing anything up. He did it when he was outside of his cage, or around people. We didn't know what to think! A lot of others didn't either. The seed is definitely coming up. Sometimes he shakes his head and seed flies in all directions, and other times a large clump roughly 6-7mm in diameter comes out of his mouth wh
  3. Nove


    He doesn't have cankers. He doesn't have worms, or mites. He's being tested for Chlamydia! Swallowing motion -> sore throat, perhaps. Regardless, Paddy just can't hack it. I haven't been able to spend time with him enough because as of a week ago he's started vomitting and panting heavily whenever we have him outside of his cage in hand, with or without the other birds close by. How's that for a compliment? My vet says that it probably isn't a sign of affection as he's not mature enough. I'm not keen on taming him unless he's well enough to do so, or at least willing. I really just w
  4. I'm pretty transparent in that respect, I suppose. ! I guess I'll check around the website for shop information to get these sorts of things. I hear there's also some good websites to order off of? Thanks for the rope-wire idea, it's a good one.
  5. Very true! Some excellent points. However, I'm faced with a bit of a problem! A picture will do justice. Obviously I'll need to get some rope happening, and some toys. Wednesday drawth near! Also, sidenote, the information on my left isn't correct. I'm female, not male. Any idea how to change this?
  6. You have excellent taste, if I do say so myself.
  7. Wahey! It's the Padfoot! It kind of looks like he's sitting on Sudan. :doh: xx, C.
  8. They're absolutely shredded! I felt so guilty holding him, he's started stepping up and he's a lot more vocal these days. I've definitely seen him eat, and drink. I guess I'll try that method!
  9. Um, so does anyone know any tips for syringing? Because my hand is torn, my middle finger is bleeding, and a full syringe is still sitting on the table. Argh! He just won't bite on the plastic! I might give AV a call but I don't want to put her out.
  10. His droppings have changed! They've returned to normal, which is fantastic. The regurg movement still occurs, which is worrying. He's slowly getting used to his surroundings.
  11. This one looked like my old bird, Louis! He was so precious. Lovely colour! Wow.
  12. I suppose I'll have to wait until I get paid on Tuesday/Wednesday before I can venture off to an avian vet. He's been exceptional today. It's only the regurgitating movement that makes me really nervous!
  13. It is also a sign of megabacteria and canker. It is irresponsible to just say it is a sign of affection. Unless diagnosed it could be anything When things are posted on a worldwide forum like this you have to be careful what you say. Oh my gosh, is that serious? Ah!
  14. I hope so! He seemed to like you two very much. He's still doing the regurgitating motion still, but nothing has come up as of yet. Good sign I suppose? Thank you again so much for your help, I really do want to make that cake! Haha. Should be good.
  15. Sorry! Updates pending now. CRISIS AVOIDED. Angelicvampire and Pippi came to the rescue of little Padfoot, medication in hand and a pair of scissors. If either of you are wondering, yes, you left your scissors here. You're welcome almost anytime though, I enjoyed your company despite being a bit shy. Hum! It was very nice to meet you both. Also, are you a fan or dark, milk or white chocolate? I've got some definite cake plans for you, something I'm actually good at. I gave some of the pro-biotic this morning, but I wasn't sure how much to give. I gave up to about 10 on the syringe/squi