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  1. Hello everybody, I've been breeding budgies for quite some years now. But i'm still having difficulties sexing young budgies. So my question to you is: What sex are these brother and sisters? Thanks! A: Blue chick with mum A: B: Green spangle B: Green spangle C: Normal dark green C: D & E: Still in the nestbox D & E:
  2. Hello! Last week I bought 2 new birds. But I'm not sure about the colours.. Cock: Sky violet / cobalt (violet)? Hen: Dilute or greywing / cinnamon / spangle? What do you think?
  3. Thanks for the reactions! Cock could be single factor dom. pied, but not visable because of albino. That was my doubt. But you agree with libby that chicks are rec. pied, KAZ? ** Yeah I know the mother is rec. pied. I made a mistake**
  4. Today I took some pictures of my first chicks of the season. I'm not sure about the pied-type. Especially of the oldest one. So please help me out! The parents: Albino YF2 cock x Grey dom. pied hen. Both 08 birds. I bought them both last year, so I don't know much about them. They have 6 chicks. This is their first clutch ever. I was suprised to see pied chicks, because I wasn't expecting the cock to be split rec. pied or dom. pied. There is a normal grey chick, so the cock isn't double factor pied. Chick 1: Grey pied YF2 cock. But recessive or dominant? Or both (I th
  5. Hi there from the Netherlands, Lost month I accidently visited this forum and learned a lot about mutations and stuff. Haven't found such a nice website in Dutch, unfortunately. I wanna show you some pictures of the birds in my aviary. 3 of my pairs: 1.) Creamino cock X recessive pied grey hen 2.) Dom. Pied (df?) light green cock X sky blue yf2 opaline dom. pied hen 3.) Cobalt blue yf2 cock X normal green hen young bird & Cock1 young bird, Cock3 again and another young bird. Hen1 Most of the birds on the pics are born in 2007 or 20