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  1. Just watched a wonderful video by Ross Perry on how to calm a budgie. He makes it look so easy. It's obvious he has a special connection with birds that not everyone has.
  2. Hi Yellow, My budgie was doing the toe-tapping thing quite a while ago. Turned out she had scaly leg mites - we tried treating it with paraffin oil daily (smeared over the legs and feet - very messy) over a number of days, which gave her immediate relief at the time, but did not eliminate the mites. The itching recurred a few days after stopping the paraffin, so clearly the mites were still active. It was only after we took her to an avian vet who treated her with ivermectin, that the mites finally stopped bothering her. I would encourage you to take your budgie for a checkup with an
  3. Hi Pearce, I'm Budgiesaurus's mum. I think I can have a go at the weeds. Weed 1 - looks like a Wahlenbergia, which here in SA is a native. It could be something else though - I'm not 100% sure. Weed 2 - I'm certain it's Chenopodium album (Fat Hen). Not sure about Weed 3 - maybe Stachys arvensis (Stagger weed), or else horehound (Marrubium vulgare)? Except that both these weeds are supposed to have "opposite" leaves, while yours looks to have "alternate" leaves. You could take a sample to your local council office - they should have horti/environmental staff who would know. Best
  4. I have two females, I don't think it makes much difference. They don't fight...much
  5. usually um...um....do you think playing go fish is stupid?
  6. worms??? :sadsorry: no way! do you like..... burritos???
  7. :sadsorry: Budgie = budgie (duh). Saurus = dinosaur.... Budgie-dinosaur. I have a mental block when it comes to making up names for websites. My mum suggested it...she keeps saying that budgies are flying dinosaurs :rip:
  8. um..RATS? go fish! Have you read Twilight?
  9. Oh that was soo cute! I love the budgie pulling the car! Did anyone notice that he had 10 budgies, but only 9 came out of the cage. One was still in there when he put them back in the cage!
  10. Thanks for the tip, on brown rice, my bloke just loves celery!

  11. Depends what type. Do you like reading?
  12. ummm...ages ago! When was the last time you read a good book?
  13. As you said, the yellow is definitely a lutino. My guess for the second (the blue one) one would be cobalt spangle, maybe an opaline. I'm not sure!