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  1. :hap: :rofl: :laughter: ha ha funny
  2. i keep kakarikis, doves, finches, budgies, cockatiels and quails in the same avairy and they all get along fine and just keep my love birds and galah in different cages.
  3. thanks in the second picture down the bottom of the cage there is the yellow budgie beside my kakariki she was one of my first babys she was the last of the clutch and she fell out of the nest and i went into the avairy and she was lying on the ground not moving and i picked her up made her warm, back in the nest and she is still alive now when she fell out she was only a day old. The white one came out on christmas and the brighter blue is from the same clutch as the white one.
  4. is there a easy way to put the pics up i've been playing around with the buttons but can't work it out
  5. http://s498.photobucket.com/albums/rr342/p...er/PA200171.jpg http://s498.photobucket.com/albums/rr342/p...er/PA190164.jpg
  6. i don't get it delivered until some where around the 19 jan as the trucks are packed now and then they finish up so when i get it going i'll put some pics up
  7. yay i bought another avairy today i went to the shed place and i got one of the steel chief one with the safety door in it but it dosn't get delivered until january
  8. I have lots of ds games and my favs are natendodogs, sims2/ sims 2 pets, hamters and bunnyz
  9. nice birds, i'm going to look at a steel chief one tomorrow so i probally will get one that way.
  10. no luck still i went looked at the avairy just what i wanted but we couldn't get it down the side of the house. I ended up geting 2 cockatiels thow from it
  11. I got a budgie that from some one that was not nice to it, tried to stop it from eating, had it in a tiny cage and was extremily scared of it. I got it when her company died and she had the whole nose bit was all swallen up and after a while after i had her and had tamed her up the nose just went down and her whole colour brightend up so we think it was just stress from how she was treated.
  12. When you are looking for a show budgie what stuff do you look at to tell if it is a show budgie or not? and i hear a bit about the australian budgies whats the difference between them and the normal pet budgies
  13. okay i'll have to see when i get it ,i'll get some pics if the cameras working while it is going up. and than i will work out with the toys :laughter:
  14. yea, the one i'm looking at is 3.1m x 1m x 2m any idea on how many toys i could put in it
  15. I'm going to look at one tomorrow that i found im excited about it. :laughter: I'll take pics of it going up and try and put it on here. I'm geting the safety door cause i had a dove fly out on me and am worried it's going to happen again.The one i am looking at is 3.1m x 1m x 2m any idea on how many toys i can put in