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  1. Hi there everyone, I was wondering if its okay to have grevillea leaves left on my budgies perches. I put new ones in when he has stripped the old ones of bark but have always pulled off the green leaves. Is it okay to leave the leaves on, will they hurt him if he eats them? Thanks for the feedback
  2. LJS

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    Thanks so much Libby
  3. Hello everyone, I have posted a thread on Livs tiel forum a couple of days ago but as yet have had no replies. If anyone on this forum also has tiels could they please maybe have a look at my posting on Livs forum and maybe give me some advice or suggestions as to the aggressive behaviour of Sunny, my mums tiel. Thanks very much, my posting explains all background and behaviour of him. Lisa
  4. Hi there, We may be adopting a tiel that has been found by friends of ours if they cant find his owners. We have 1 budgie who is only a few months old. Could someone pleasae give me any experiences of having a budgie and a tiel together out of their cages. I would not house them in the same cage as my budgies cage would not be big enuff for both of the birds. Would my budgie be safe as far as fighting with the tiel? I have never owned a tiel before so i am not familiar with their behavour. Any thoughts and comments will be welcome. Cheers
  5. HI again, followed all your advice. This morning i bought Cheeky 2 new dishes, one for seed, one for water. I didnt even realise you could get dishes that clamp on the inside of the cage. How perfect. Put these in this arvo and i am so happy to see him pecking away at his seed, right near his top perch. YOu can tell i am a novice at all this cant you? I am still persevering with the fruit and vegies but still no go but its early days yet. I also got him a ladder for his cage with little round thingys on it. He actually pushed the ladder out of his way to get to his new seed dish. Can y
  6. Hi again everyone, i thought i would just let you know what i have been trying as far as getting him to eat mixed seed and not just the millet sprays. Well i have no possible way of raising his seed and water containers as they are the type that fit into a large gate at the bottom of either side of the cage. Why do they make cages like this? I now realise they are not really suitable...and yes it makes sense to raise his food but i have no way to do this. So this morning i lowered both his perches to seed and water level. Now, i really do understand that a budgies natural instinct is
  7. Thanks Ellly, i will try this as of tonight, but i do see one little hiccup. This little fellow has not even ventured to the bottom of his cage to where i have seed in a dish for him and also he has seed in a feeder which he has not moved to either, infact he tends to stick to the top perch and hasnt moved to the lower perch or bottom of the cage. So the millet sprays are hanging from the top of the cage directly within his reach. I have put him on the bottom of the cage to show him the other seed but he immediately jumps back up to the top perch. Also i have placed him on the seed feeder a
  8. Hi Elly, yes im sure he is not touching the mixed seed or hulled oats. The only seed he is touching is the millet sprays. I would love to be able to blow the husks off of the top of his seed but he hasnt touched it since we brought him home which is a few days ago. He strips the millet sprays very quickly though. I am trying carrot and apple and getting him to nibble only a tiny bit. That is okay i know that comes with time but at the moment is the millet sprays enough?Oh by the way if your wondering why i am replying at 2am in the morning, its cos i just got home from work and thought i w
  9. Hi again, i apologise if this is in the wrong topic but still finding my way around. After my last post about our sick budgie i should say that i did take him to the vets and he was diagnosed with canker but unfortunately we lost him. I have now got another baby budgie for my daughter. He is taming up very quickly and really are pleased with his progress but i now have a different problem. He came from a pet shop. He was eating hulled oats and mixed seed in the shop. Saw him eating this myself, food was on the bottom of the cage. I have the same food in his cage at home but he wont go ne
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. Have been searching the internet to see if i can come up with any answers in regards to my daughters budgie. We have only had him approx 6 weeks. When we got him his cere (?) where the vents are, was nearly all blue. Now the colour of this area except for a tiny tiny portion up the top is and the only way i can describe it seems to be nearly a bruise colour, like that really dark purple. Its not black and its not brown. Now in the feathers that grow directly at the top of the cere are brown and stiff to touch. I went to where i got him and was to