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  1. Confirmed that there is only one budgie left. He has his one fake wood perch and some seed (or husks). He sits alone all day doing nothing. Today he has been in direct sunlight without shade and its over 40 degrees in the sun here. I can imagine they came out and saw the dead one and said 'oh well'. For the sake of this little one I do hope he passes away painlessly soon. And I hope these horrible people never ever own another animal again, shame the dog has to keep suffering. Sorry guys for my venting, it is just soooo frustrating and more than anything, sad.
  2. Nothing has changed. the dog situation has got worse. The birds water and food does not get changed very often. i imagine the tray is full of husks. I can not hear the birds as much as i used to, i dont even know if there are still 2. last night they left their 2000 watt spotlight on all night, with bird cage right in front of it. I could see one bird shadow. the poor thing could not sleep with that ridiculous light on all night. The poor dog spends the day looking through the fence just wanting a second of attention. they dont even look at him. The RSPCA have said they will not come back
  3. I know, I dont expect you to do anything. Just needed to vent sorry.. Also wanted to know whats the worst that can happen to birds that are left in direct sunlight for many hours including in the hottest part of the day. Heatstroke? death?
  4. oh dear The birds have been put in direct sunlight for the past hour. No shade and the sun is burning today. I can see them distressed, pacing their perches looking for shade. The people are also running some noisy generator thing in the backyard and revving cars, the birds are in the middle of all this. I can't handle this abuse anymore! What will happen to birds left in the hot sun for hours? Surely its going to do harm?
  5. Thanks everyone. Yes Im glad they have each other, just hope one doesn't die before the other. Today I was informed that the RSPCA did come last week. You would never have known, nothing has changed. In fact the birds have been moved further into the open than before. The RSPCA thought the bird's accomodation was suitable. They also thought the dog kept in solitary confinement 24/7 is just fine. It gives people very little incentive to keep a look out for the welfare of animals.
  6. If i do that they will know I'm looking over their fence. They won't take kindly to that. I'm someone who puts the welfare of animals before any personal concerns so I don't know why I'm standing by watching this happen. I just know there will be repercussions if I say something. I can't risk anything happening to my own pets or my families house. These neighbours frequently have up to 15 men in their back yard. They are middle eastern (I'm not stereotyping) and unfortunately these birds are going to suffer as I am not confident to do anything about it.
  7. They are in for a tough night tonight. Gale force winds, rain and they are totally exposed. I feel helpless watching them suffer.
  8. What i just witnessed: Neighbours placed bird cage out in open on something on the back of a ute in backyard. Probably the first direct sun they've had which is fine EXCEPT today is extremely gusty winds. I knew it was a recipe for disaster as soon as i saw it. 5 minutes later, CRASH. the cage had fallen upside down about 1 metre down. Birds fluttering everywhere, drenched in water from over turned water tray. I am sickened. They basically came out and turned the cage over (cigarette in mouth, blowing smoke all on birds), had no interest in seeing if the birds were okay or anything. T
  9. Owls are considered raptors :thumbs_up: Your definition is correct - tawny's dont have the characteristic sharp talons and curved beak and are not an owl, eagle or hawk. I work with wild birds too A quick search of any ornithological guide or a look at the scientific classification will quickly tell you that tawny frogmouths are not birds of prey in the scientific sense of the term. There are 7 families of raptors of which the tawny belongs to none: Diurnal birds of prey: Accipitridae Pandionidae Sagittariidae Falconidae Cathartidae Nocturnal birds of prey: Strigida
  10. Nope they are not birds of prey. Birds of prey are raptors, which the Tawny is not. They take prey yes, but not like raptors do. Other birds such as Butcherbirds and Kookaburra's also take insects and mice yet are not birds of prey. The difference? Raptors kill with their feet, the other birds use their beak only. You will also see a massive difference in the feet. Do some research and you'll learn the difference :laughter:
  11. They are beautiful birds, they aren't birds of prey. Great photos, this one seems a little tame as usually they flee at the first sight of people!
  12. Looks more humane than conventional traps which I refuse to use. Hopefully it does the job as intended as rats and mice shouldn't have to suffer a slow painful death..
  13. Has anyone been to Crystal Pet and Wire Centre in Rooty Hill? I havent been there yet but judging by their ads in magazines they are a pretty large bird seller selling everything from finches to macaws. Are they a reputable place to buy from? I would love to know before I go there (otherwise i wont bother!). I realise we can't post negative stuff here so if need be please private message me :question:
  14. Not really, I find their response is lax regardless of species. And considering this is a dual case with the dog and they still haven't bothered turning up, it makes you wonder if they really do anything at all to help animals.