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  1. your a better person than me because im sure i would end up with a housefull! but at least they are going to people you know so you could still see them grow up Moderator’s Message changed cos to because. no shortcuts - use only approved shortcuts found in guidelines
  2. well, i have my cuppa and Ben is napping so must be on the right track! I have only joined 4 so far, so i dont think im quite as addicted to Karen yet haha but everyone from everywhere has been very friendly so i can see how easy it is to get obssessive!
  3. ive joined up and said hello in the right place but not really sure what else to post so thought id just tell you a bit about myself? Im 32, my name is Louise (as i already said) i have 2 gorgeous children called Jenna (5) and Ben (2 on monday) 1 cat and of course my new addition budgie tommy. Mid divorce and lots of time to spare which is why i thought id join a few forums and meet a few people (so to speak). I live in the UK and work part time at a department store. Been reading a lot of the posts here and some of your replies made me laugh. looking forward to getting to know you all
  4. haha thank you maesie nice to be hormonal again! will take a look at that photobucket and thank you for the welcome
  5. pretty birdie! thank you, yes in that case he is older than that - his bars fade out about eye lvl ish
  6. thank you for that, i did think he was older than the shop said and my sister thought the same but she hasnt been able to visit yet to give me her opinion
  7. they fade right out about half a cm before his nose
  8. that was a quick response! he is a lovely sky blue colour, not sure how old but his cere is still pink so would presume still quite young, pet shop says 6 weeks but my sister breeds birds and says thats unlikely so maybe a few months? will get pictures when i can, not enrolled with a host site yet but will try to get my head round it later. could someone check my profile for me? says im a man but at the last check i was female. changed it in my settings but maybe i did something wrong? bit new to this
  9. Hi all im yummymummy, or Lou if its easier to type, i have one budgie called tommy who i bought home a few weeks ago. Im presuming he's a boy but not entirely positive yet. he's very friendly and my 2 kids love spending time with him. looking forward to meeting you all.