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  1. Well, after swearing to hubby I wouldnt get anymore birds, I adopted a gorgeous 3 month old rainbow lorikeet on Tuesday. I have named him/her Pogo cause he/she is always bouncing around. She's not tame, but I'm working on that at the moment. I will post pics asap.
  2. All your budgies are beautiful. Do they have free range of the house?
  3. House is pretty bird proof, but there are cupboards and such that they can get behind. Might close off all doors and open cage door tomorrow and see what happens. Will still get net to be on the safe side.
  4. The lacy tablecloth is a good idea. Not real keen on the cage in the doorway, too hard to move if there's any trouble. Will try and get a tablecloth or something similar before next time out. They're back in loungeroom now left door open for about half hour and they didnt even attempt to come out. Will try again tomorrow.
  5. Good news. Even though its only a temporary solution i've bird proofed a room and the budgies and tiels can now have free time. Banjo the galah will have seperate time out. I put the cage in the door way and blocked off all escape routes (hopefully). They havent ventured out yet but hopefully they will discover the cage door is open and want to explore. Later down the track i might get a screen door to put on the room so they can stay out while not home. Will get pictures asap.
  6. I've got a room that can be easily bird proofed but dont like the idea of shutting the door and not been able to keep an eye on them. was thinking maybe could push cage into doorway and block off between cage and top of door. hmm, this is harder than i thought once figure something out i'll let everyone know.
  7. Thanks for that nicknack. I will bird proof my home before letting them out for free time. Maybe I'll still get a net to be on the safe side.
  8. Are your fids confined to one room birdluv? I'd prefer to do that but the only way to keep them confined is to shut doors then i cant keep an eye on them. Maybe just close off all doors into bathroom and bedrooms and let them have free run of the house?
  9. This is me and hubby Mat at Crookhaven Heads Lookout at Culburra on the South Coast (just past Nowra)
  10. Yeah they're inside. Just have to find a suitable room thats safe. Thinking the laundry with a screen door might be the go. I'll let you know how things go.
  11. Thankyou. Will get a net this week and then sort somewhere out for them to have their free time.
  12. Hi everyone. Just a quick question. My budgies and one tiel arent tame and not clipped (which I wouldnt do) but I want them to have some time out of their cage. How would I go about getting them back in say of a night time or have to go out? Would it be best to limit them to one room? Any advice would be great.