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  1. i heard through a friend that a friend of theres had a 2 year old budgie, they are due to move house within the next few weeks and they said if they dont find a home for it, it will go over the fence and set free, as i already have 3 i didnt really want any more but i couldnt let this happen so i have took him in. He looks really underweight, two of my budgies are around 8 months old and the other one is just over one. they are all pretty big budgies compared to this one. I have changed his seed to trill instead of the supermarket one and i have also put some vitamins in (which he is eating).
  2. Hi, I usually grate carrot and lettuce for my budgies and i would like to try them with brocoli and cauliflower and other veggies, Can you give it to them raw or do you cook it first. Also a friend of mine said corn on the cob is good for them but i havent tried it yet, does that have to be cooked. I have tried them with fruit but they will not take to it yet they love their carrot, is there any tips on trying to give them fruit. Thanks