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  1. Is a double factor Yelow face the same thing as yelow face type type 11
  2. jehkah

    Yellow Face

    Is a Is a double factor yellow face a bird bred from two yellow face budgies?
  3. Thanks for your responses your suggestions were very helpful.
  4. What is the easiest way to breed black eyed white or yellow budgies. I've heard that they can be bred between cinnamon and grey wings? Any thoughts?
  5. cross breeding budgie & bourke parrot

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    2. Squeak_Crumble


      I definetley agree with kaz!

    3. GenericBlue


      any cross breed hybreed from a budgie is a mule and wont breed on further anyhow but have fun give you something to do

    4. Dean_NZ


      Everything i've read says bourkes do not cross with any other species genetically. Not only that but i hear budgies harass bourkes.

  6. Sorry about that,Im new to this. I was just trying to ask a question and messed up.Just could'nt find out how to get started.So can you tell me where I go when I want to ask about something else about my buddgies, and what I do when I am finished my messsge.
  7. I have an 18mth old hen who looks ready to breed but stays in thne nest box all the time.Ive tried taking the nestbox off for a week to make sure she mates but as soon as I return the nest the same thing happens. The cock has breed well before.Any suggestions?