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  1. I got 7 out of 10. Should of done a bit better since I researched cat breeds before I got mine I ended up getting a tonkinese crossed with a birman
  2. I remember back a few years when I had my budgie Guess. I left her outside one winters day cause it was lovely in the sun. However I forgot about her, then remembered it was about 8pm when I did. I rushed out and brang her in and unhappy is not the word to describe her she was so mad at me. Used to look at the wall when I came into feed her and talk to her took a full week for her to forgive me. Needless to say I never did that again. I miss her she was quite a character she in birdie heaven die about a year ago now. Memories
  3. Thankyou Karen. I have got some calcivet I will start that straight away and moulting aid I will have to go buy tomorrow.They have a lamp I use it when the days are cold or anyone is fluffed up seems to be a cure all. Thanks
  4. I have just lost Chip the father and partner of my other budgies a few days ago. His partner Lola is still sitting in the corner of the cage and Chip jnr he is the splitting image of his father is still been nasty to the others and to me he was guarding Chips body. Do you think there is anything I can do to help them or will they grieve for awhile. They have all been to the vet and had bloods taken at my request and everything came back clear. Just worried
  5. I have been trying to get my budgies and teils to eat vegies with no luck, even the babies dont cause the parents arent. At least they will eat some pellets I guess. Today I was out in the garden and thought what the hey ill pick the grasses that are growing from the seed i throw out there,I also picked some dandelion. Well low and behold they werent on the (clean) floor of the cage more then 5 seconds and in all cages all birds were on the floor digging in and going crazy. Do you guys reckon that form of greens will do it they wont touch anything else.
  6. Yeah have lots of moths annoying things. The traps seem to have cut the numbers down to the point where I am chasing them round the room to kill. I swear there were about 50 it was unbelievable one day none the next day an invasion. I know the seed wasnt bad it just happened to have bugs. First time its happened from these guys not had trouble before. Mentioned it to them today at the pet store where I get my seed, they said they just chucked out a whole delivery because it was infested. Said their supplier got an earful. No harm and my moth problem is almost at an end
  7. My seed was in a supposedly airtight tupperware container. Bugs get into anything crafty little sods. Ive been to the shops and found baits you told me about Karen alas no sticky papers to be seen, they were great. The moths seem to like the traps though so worth my dollars hopefully be moth free soon. Thanks for the info
  8. You always answer me love you for it. Thanks for tips I will go find. Was only small bag just must of had bugs in it already, first time in long time seeds not expensive just the moths are driving me mad and of course they will lay more eggs. I must say I have not seen the sticky fly paper that hang from roof for ages would like some they so handy and supposedly safe. I let you know if I find them. Thanks :budgiedance:
  9. Hi I am severely annoyed. I must of picked up a bad batch of seed anyway all of the sudden my budgie room is full of little moths and the seed was crawling with worms which I imagine is what turns into moths. Anyone got any ideas on how to get rid of these guys. I was gonna move everyone out and spray the room but dislike the thought of residue. Dont know if they still sell these but does anyone remember the sticky fly paper and do you think that would be a safer alternative. The seed has been turfed just wanna get rid of the moths now. Any suggestions wouldbe great the moths are everywhere
  10. My female who has successfully raised a family recently came into breeding condition again and is looking very pregnant. I have taken the nest box out (this was right after the bubs where 5 weeks old) cause I dont want her to have babies. Just a bit worried about her getting eggbound. Will she lay it when she needs to she doesnt look bothered or sick just pregnant. Do I need to put the box back in or will she lay anywhere when it is time I dont really want another clutch.
  11. Yeah I have just decided to let them be at present. I agree with you Rainbow. I think they just very close the bubs feed and preen each other all the time. They in a cage together mum and dad not worried about them leaving and the bubs happy as long as they together. We will see maybe they sense I didnt really want to give them up who knows.
  12. Yeah that does help guys thanks. I was just so suprised that they freaked out so bad I guess I will just have to keep them together if all else fails but I will definately try these ideas I dont want them to fret for each other as at some stage I may need to seperate them like if one falls ill or something. Thanks
  13. Yours is normal mine used to carry on like that when they were young. However mine can now look after themselves however thay carry on like lunatics when seperated didnt care when I moved them out of mum and Dads cage and into there on but god forbid should I ever try to seperate them they just go mental. When I say screeching for 4 hours i mean non stop for 4 hours it was like been stuck in a nightmare
  14. They are fledged, cracking seed, flying not so agile yet but good enough, they are approximately 2 months old now thats what baffles me. I would understand it if they were quite young but they are not. I have to train 2 of them together or else they wont stop screeching and freaking out.
  15. Well I have a small problem with my babies. I gave two of them to two friends both friends were back with the babies in 4 hours. Like me they had been going through the continous high pitched heart wretching screeching. I could hear them coming over the screeching going on in my house. We couldnt figure out what the issue was so we put them in the room together with their siblings and they quieted done a bit put them in the cage and they stopped and preened each other for hours. So I again have four babies who wont be seperated is this usual they all happily get on my hand although not quite