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  1. it still doesnt make sense to me is this the right stuff how can i use it do i just put one drop on the back of the neck.
  2. its the one for sheep strength is .8grams/litre
  3. help please i have just been to the shops and bought ivermectin. what strength do i need to use and how to i apply it to the birds with scaley face. wanted to get rid of it before it kicks in. thanks david
  4. which recessive would you pair the normal cock i bought too what about danish pieds i was thinking this for the birds cinnamon greygreen hen 10 unsure what to pair too recessive pied opaline lt green hen 07 look for normal split recessive cock. what colour though cinnamon opaline sky hen 09 to normal sky cock from aviary normal grey green hen 09 to normal grey green cock from aviary recessive pied cinnamon opaline violet hen 08 look for normal split recessive cock. what colour though spangle light green hen 06 to d/f spangle cock from my aviary danish pied grey green cock 08 unsure d
  5. hi all went to the west sydney auction today held at revesby. bought 9 birds 7 hens and 2 cocks for 225. i was really impressed with what i got. they include cinnamon greygreen hen 10 recessive pied opaline lt green hen 07 cinnamon opaline sky hen 09 normal grey green hen 09 recessive pied cinnamon opaline violet hen 08 spangle light green hen 06 danish pied grey green cock 08 danish pied light green hen 06 yellowface grey split recessive cock 10 i know 2 of the hens are older but wanna give em a go as they are nice birds does anybody know bout danish pieds. shou
  6. okay sorry. i am aiming for show birds i beleive she is and opaline greygrren. my pics will not post can i have help in posting please. i took on my mobile
  7. hi all can you help me find a mate for this hen. what would you guys recommend putting with her. any obvious faults you can see that i should try to breed out.
  8. okay well i just hope she makes it to the morning i didnt catch her till very late today and it looks quite bad
  9. yeah i have met them at a recent club meeting if i take the bird they can help me cut it off and with treatment right
  10. i am a member i have emailed them for help i will call in the morning and see who has them
  11. hi i have the same problem when can i buy the stuff to cut of the ring and the stuff to treat the birds for mites i live in penrith in west sydney.
  12. hi all i have a big problem a bird i was treating for scaly face has turned bad. her feet are all swollen and now has a growth on her back somewhere i also went out today and it looks like she has attacked it as there is blood all over the place. i thought the best thing would be to put her down any help on he best way to do it please. i dont want her to have any more pain. thanks david
  13. okay cool will do also what about with the quails
  14. okay i got some gave her a few drops how often do i give it to her
  15. do u know of any good places in penrith that should stock iti know ur far away in perthtreid petbarn they only have avicalalso i have king quails that have feet caked in poo and mucki tried getting it off by soaking in warm water but it wont come offany ideas of how to get it off