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  1. He really is, GB. Initially I was a little disappointed that he was such a timid little man not wanting to sit on our shoulders or hang out outside his cage with us (we wonder if he had a bit of a frightening start to life, and has therefore become quite distrusting and therefore difficult to tame). But he is a really, really social little guy from inside his cage. His cage is right next to the lounge, where we spend most of our time, and he will chat away with us all day, and when he wants some affection, he comes to the side of his cage and gives us little kisses through the bars (as long as
  2. Very sorry... I was going to suggest the same thing as GB... a lovely planter box at the front door, or on the window sill or somewhere where you walk past it every day, with some lovely flowering plants in it... and Twitter in his little coffin box telling them to grow.
  3. Hehe... some might say it $ just good timing... but as his mother, I definitely have to agree with you, Kaz!
  4. Okay, so I just told Smokey what a right little comedian he is, making Liv laugh like that.. his response: "Thankyou, can I have a kiss?". Doh!
  5. Without detracting from the potential seriousness of your little debarcle, Krosp... it is kind of funny looking at him with his red splotches! It isn't every day that you see a budgie looking as though he's spent the day in the studio creating Australia's next abstract masterpiece! Very cute!
  6. We had friends over on the weekend and were having a bit of a brag about how well Smokey talks. We were telling them his repertior of 12-15 phrases and he was chortling away, showing off and talking for them. Needless to say, our friends were fairly impressed. Anyway, during lunch, we were all sitting at the table, Smokey in his cage in the corner, when we hear "look at me" from Smokey... so we all look over to reply only to see him holding on to his swing with one foot and rampantly humping his rope perch! How embarrassing! But it didn't stop there! He continued to do this until i got up