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  1. Hi Everyone Thanks for your replies. I'm going to do another examination and hopefully take a picture. I doubt that it's egg binding more like a benign lump/mass that has started to develop due to his/her age. I will keep you updated and of course visit a vet when possible.
  2. Hi Everyone Firstly apologies for not being on the forum for such a very long time, I'll try and do a post later in the week to explain why. Today whilst giving Star our 8 year old budgie a bath I noticed a small symmetrical lump between his/her legs just underneath the vent feathers which wasn't there a week ago. The skin looks stretched. Could this be a tumor, a fatty mass, an infection or possibly the formation of an egg. Star looks completely normal from the outside and is his/her happy normal self eating, drinking and playing normally. Droppings are very slightly more runnin
  3. So sorry to hear about this Bea, hope you and your other little ones are okay.
  4. http://bodyandhealth.canada.com/channel_he..._id=1020&rot=11 Quote from above "If you have cats present in areas where indeed the virus is present in wild birds or domestic poultry, the advice is to keep cats indoors as much as possible," Osterhaus said in an interview. "And then eventually if there is a suspicion of infection or contact, then the best thing is to quarantine the cats." In extreme cases culling may have to be an option and the government will enforce the right to use these measures. http://www.wildbirds.com/protect_cats.htm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi
  5. Featheredpets

    Autumn Clean

    Looks great, they all look happy. Don't you lot ever sleep?
  6. Featheredpets


    welcoem to the forum, lovely pictures
  7. Cool names, looking forward to the next set of pictures
  8. Wow what a lovely present, you're gona have fun stocking it with lots of things for your new babies.