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Hi guys, just wondering if you've used, or seen anyone use, these cages. They are for sale on eBay and look pretty classy. Cheers,









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I have used almost exactly the same. I have the feeding dishes that somehow spin out so you dont have to open any doors, and a storage shelf below it. Only thing is that those cages are closed in on sides and back, it could get hot not allowing wind circulation as much, depends on where you live i suppose.

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Yeah, definitely a consideration. I spoke with someone who has purchased them and they liked them, just said that adding a breeding box was a bit of a hassle in the beginning.

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The nest box issue was my thought as well Jimmy, it looks a bit small to add a nest box but otherwise they look great, for a breeding room e.g. maybe hang a box from the front may work.

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I think this topic relates to these cages:


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Good pick up, you are right. I really like them.

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