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Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while but I've returned with some pics of a pet budgie I hope to pair up so that hopefully someone give me some advice on what to pair him with.

A while back I posted a topic trying to find out exactly what mutation he was thinking he was a "Lutino Lacewing" (I've learned a bit since then :P), but I had a couple of responses suggesting opaline fallow. - http://forums.budgie...1329&hl=joachim

In any case, he's turned out to be a very nice looking budgie, all yellow with nice markings on the back and a bright blue-green tail. Anyway, at 1 and a half years old, I'm starting to think about pairing him up with a female and trying to get some babies that will look similar.

Some background information:

His parents turned out to be a bit of a genetic mess having both lutino and albino offspring as well as normal greens and this guy. His mother was a lacewing and father a "normal green" obviously split to blue, as was mum. There are pics of the parents and the siblings in the link I added above if that's any help.

So my question is, what should I pair with this male budgie in order to produce offspring that will be phenotypically similar? I would love to have some more pet budgies that look similar to the guy below.








Any advice would be appreciated!



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What a handsome fallow you have there!! Fallow is a recessive mutation meaning you would have to pair him to another fallow or a hen split for fallow.

You say his mother was lacewing, this makes your fallow split lacewing because lacewing is a sex-linked mutation. If you pair him to a normal hen half the female babies will be visually lacewing and half the cocks will be split lacewing and all chicks will also be split fallow. It also looks like your fallows father was split ino because there were ino chicks in the same nest. Wow that really is a genetic soup.

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Thanks Rachel! I gather finding another fallow is my best bet but I haven't seen too many around where I live, I'll have to keep looking. Though I wouldn't mind some lacewings either, and not knowing how they'll turn out is half the fun anyway!

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