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What an awful day!! *hugs* I hope you can save some of your stuff. :) What were you actually doing in the horses mouths? We've just finished 4 weeks of horse theory and there was a little bit of stuff on dentistry. I can't believe how far your arm was into the horses mouth!!! :wub:

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What an awfull day.Sending you the biggest hugs over the internet.Maybe try spraying your books with some nice smelling stuff.hope you have a better day today.

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Agh! Poor you, what a bummer of a day, sending you the biggest hugs. I hope things start to improve for you and that most of your things can be salvaged.



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oh man, what a horrible day. l feel so bad for what happend to you, l hope that tommorrow will bring a much better day for you. ((((((hugs))))))

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Poor thing, sounds like a real stinker of a day. I hope you had no expensive textbooks in your bag.

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Well after a cycle through the wash, my bag and clothes still stink, so it's going in again and I'll do what you suggested FGM, it's getting a big dose of deoderant, so is all my other stuff.

Thanks guys, I really needed that yesterday, and yes I had a damn good cry after that big vent. ((((((Hugs)))))) back to you all! I'm feeling a bit better today, still tired and feeling rather frazzled, desperate for sleep, but happier (see below). My sincerest thanks to all of you.

I let the batteries in my mp3 player run down, my notes and diary and stuff have been sitting outside in the sun, hopefully the smell will fade, if not I will try to get new ones.


Kaz - Extra (hugs) to you, I really hope your week improves.

Bea - It was indeed a dentistry prac. We had to examine all the teeth to see which ones need rasping. I was terrified sliding my fingers between those back molars, with my arm in to the elbow and the horse able snap my arm if he moved. In the stall next to us, someone accidentally jiggled their gag and it slammed shut. Luckily no one had their hands in there! Then we had to rasp those teeth.

Sailor, luckily no textbooks, I think I might have died if any of my >$100 books were in there. I am so LUCKY my camera wasn't in there!



Today was a rather nice way to end the term (we are now going into two weeks 'holidays'. Most people are continuing their work experiences). After that worst prac ever, today I had the best one ever, followed by a pretty good one. No lectures, so I didn't need any of that stuff that got soaked yesterday.

First was bovine obstetrics, with my favourite lecturer (that man is hilarious). Here is the 'cow'.



It looks silly but it is surprisingly accurate. We got calves from the abbatoir and pretended they were live calves (yuck, I know).

Each round, one person in the team was chosen to be 'vet'. The vet was in charge and everyone else had to listen to the vet. I loved that - none of this arguing over things. So first the vet was sent out of the room and the rest got the calf into position. There are very many ways a calf can be presented in the cow. It's often strange presentations causing the cow distress where the vet gets called out to get his/her hands in there and work out how to get it out. Sometimes we were mean and put the calf in upside down and backwards. ;)

The vet gets called back in, goes in blind and tries to figure out what's going on. I am always amazed by this - words can tell you a bit, but so much of it is by feel.

Then the vet alone has to work out how the calf has to come out, and directs the others in the team. We learnt how to use obstetric chains (these can be wrapped around legs). And you may not believe this - eyehooks, which are very common for cow obstetrics. These are metal hooks that go into the eyesocket close to the nose, hook on and help position the head. It looks gross but doesn't hurt them at all.


Eyehooks and chains in action.



Don't you love my 'concentration face'?



We came out of that prac smiling and thanking each other for the tough but interesting presentations. After bovine obstetrics, we had an orthopaedics prac. We practiced surgical approaches and placing pins in cadavers. Here is one of the nicer photos with the light conveniently placed so that the gross bit can't be seen. I'm placing a pin into the femur.



All in all, a rather nice day. Although nobody actually apologised for yesterday, some of us admitted our flaws to each other, and I think that is a step to bringing us even closer together. There was no dramas and we had a lot of fun. Now I'd love to have a big sleep to start off the holidays, but my brother is getting married tomorrow! I am very happy, but wish I weren't so tired!

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Very cool....I think to work with cows and interns you would have to have a good sense of humor :);).

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I'm glad today was much better for you! I love your vet updates... they're really interesting. Have an awsome day tomorrow at your brothers wedding and I hope you get to have some 'down' time over the holidays.

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My memories of calving ( for real ) and delivering foals was....in real life we got very mucky dirty and sweaty over a generally very long day. The good days were when the baby made it out okay. The bad days were when all the work was for nothing and a dead and blue calf was pulled out. :budgiedance:

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Hey Chryso,


Sounds like a much better day for you today. That is great! I hope that right now you are tucked up in bed and getting your beauty sleep before your brothers big day.


Keep your updates coming.. it seems like I am not the only one who is interested in reading them.




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I feel you are a James Herriot type author in the making :budgiedance:



could be a second income :rolleyes:

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Glad to hear you had a much better day today.

Have a good time at your brother's wedding ;)

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Guest Phoebe

:P What a totally amazing Chrysologue!!! Hope you are keeping notes, might make a bestseller!

Glad things are going better for you. :D

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I'm so glad that your day was much better, and that even though no apologies were given that everyone was big enough to say that they had been in the wrong, that generally helps alot.


Sounds like you had a very interesting day too.

Get a good nights sleep and have a great time at your brothers wedding! :hap:


(P.S I hope you can get the smell out of your things!)

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Hehe, yeah, I feel like I should be writing all this down so I can read back at my student days later and laugh (a lot). I said I would start writing it all here, way back in first year, but it's just been so hectic. This year is a little looser, as there are much more pracs, I hope I can keep this up though!


The wedding was amazing, I had such a great time. I was bridesmaid, so I had to follow them everywhere, even though I was so exhausted, just had to keep smiling! But it was beautiful, everyone was so happy. And the food, omg, nine course meal. Photos maybe later.


Unfortunately after being tired and already feeling a bit crappy in the nasopharynx (haha, vet school teaches me big words), when I got home I fell to pieces, my immune system finally gave in. I got really sick. Sunday I woke up at 3pm, had breakfast at 6pm and lunch at 10pm. That was strange. Today I'm just lazing around because my head hurts too much for me to try and study. I am a tad worried as this first showed when I came into contact with the horsey... stuff... if this hangs around I will go to the doctor.


So.. sleeps for a few days, so the Vet show is on hiatus until I go back :hap: I think I will keep updating this thread instead of making new ones.

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I'm glad you had an awsome time at the wedding and I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling to good. I hope you get better really soon! ((((hugs)))) to you.

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Hi Chryso,


don't start writing this in a book, then we would miss out. Just copy your posts and print it out to glue in a book :hap: We ARE more important than your memories after all :hap: Then in 10 years time you could write a comedic book on looking up a horses backside as a vet in the making. We would all buy it. We love your posts :excl:


I felt bit crappy in the nasopharynx myself yesterday. I thought Jacquie had given me her cold, but it seems okay today. So hopefully not.


Rest up, Chryso.. things have been a bit hectic, so enjoy your hiatus, however short it may be.




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Aly you are right on the money there hehe copy and paste. Hope you are feeling better.

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that is great that you had a good time at your brother's wedding.

l hope you are feeling better soon.

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I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding.


And I hope you get better soon :D .

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Well, that's what I meant, really- about writing it down, I meant posting here! I'll have you know that this is the only place I post in such detail about my pooey/smelly/vetty life. :hap:

I have been watching A River Somewhere, my brother bought it. Now I'm itching to go travelling and to bring a video camera with me. It's my plan for now on when I go on my work placements.


Speaking of, I just arranged some more weeks for work experience! *does a happy dance* Finally filling out the weeks, don't have to worry about them. Here is the plan:


Winter (July):

-Colac x2 (bovine practice, will be getting lots of calvings! Yay!)

-Bacchus Marsh (mixed practice, mostly small animals in winter)


-Bacchus Marsh (again, but more large animals- calving and lambing)

Summer (January):

-South Africa x3 (woo hoo! I keep telling everyone about this, so I think I will stop raving about it now :D)

-Hospital rotations x4 (SA medicine, SA surgery, equine rotation, emergencies) <- this is over Christmas/New year, so should be exciting

Winter 2009:

-Maffra (lots and lots of dairy!)

[i just realised that the seasons might be misleading to some people here and put months in to help]


I have two compulsory weeks to sort and at least five weeks I can put stuff in if I want. I am itching for another bird practice, the one I really really want is a bit too far for me, and the second bird place is rather doubtful about its existence apparently. I am really determined to fill out those remaining weeks with birds though.


And finally, the most exciting news: My brother has a prospective job in Singapore. He isn't too sure about it, they are going through the interview process at the moment. But I am twitching with excitement at the sheer possibility. You see, in the second half of final year you can do your three months basically anywhere in the world.

And what is in Singapore but this place: Jurong Bird Park!

Can you imagine working there?? I have visited once before and I was blown away, especially by the birds of prey show. Oh my. *bounces*

I have already started writing up an enquiry to them and prettifying my resume, just in case the waiting list is a year long like some zoos in Australia.


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My dad has been to the bird park. :D He said it was great!! I would find all those weeks of work experience so daunting! :(Laughing out loud): Sounds like you're going to be busy, but it also sounds like it'll be so much fun!

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Wow that would be awesome, talk about a dream job, best of luck!!!!

If you do happen to get in, I demand plenty of pictures :D :hap: .

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Oh Chryso,


I LOVE Jurong. I have been there quite a few times and loved every visit Oh, and having another cheap place to stay in Singapore wouldn't be a bad thing :blink:


Please don't stop raving about South Africa. I'd love to hear more about it. And who wouldn't be excited. I have been doing so much reading about eco-tourism. I just wish I had thought of volunteering in these sorts of programs before I ended up in a wheelchair. Mind you my life was so non stop back then that I would never have found the time.



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that would be so awesome if you did get a work practicum at Jurong park, what a neat place :D

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