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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I have bought 3 parakeets from a local pet shop.. i had two of the before (green and gray/blue) and I believe both of these are females but I could be wrong. I'm not sure of the younger one we bought recently. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping it's a boy so we could have a few babies down the road please help me identify their sexes and let me know if you need to have any more pics... also one more question .. please don't flame me for being a total noob but can they get sunburned on their cere? the reason I ask is that lately I been putting their cage outside under the sun and that's when the first two changed ceres really quickly to that brown (yes i know it's normal mating cere change as well) but was curious if the sun had any effect on the change (like say when humans get sunburned... ) .. please don't laugh at my dumb question or do :-D haha thanks. and sorry for their messy beaks.. they were eating biscuits before hand.
  2. Hi there, Hoping some of you might like to offer your opinion of the sexes of my latest clutch. Baby A - Albino Baby B - Yellow faced pale blue dilute? spangle/light wings ? Baby C -Albino Baby D - Blue spangle Baby E - Blue pied Also love to hear how you would describe the mutations of mum and dad - and for those of you into the genetics, you may like to commnt on the colours in the babies. Dad- Pebbles - one of my favourites - loves celery with a vengeance And mum Rainbow - finally has fulfilled her life long ambition to raise successful clutches - previously just DIS eggs Looking forward to your thoughts
  3. ? ? Want to breed the pied budgies when older but unsure of the yellow and green one's gender - just making sure. ? ?
  4. Hi guys, I'm really keen to buy a budgie that I can tame and teach it to talk, but don't know which sex is the best for it. I've read that males are much more easy to tame as well as not being as aggressive. I also seen that some people have bad experiences with males and aren't good to tame as they don't speak etc. So are female budgies or male budgies better, and which sex is the best to get overall. Hope you guys can help me out Many thanks
  5. We just got 2 new budgies we are thinking the blue one is a female and that the green one might be a male?? I'm a new owner and I'm having a hard time figuring out their genders.The one we think is female (Blue) has a light brown and dark brown cere we think she is about 8 months old to a yearThe one we think is a Male (Green & yellow) has a pink cere with white rings around the nose which is why we are a bit unsure if he is actually a he
  6. Not sure if it's a boy or girl..I read all budgies have same color cere as babies or white for f and pink for males ..any help thanks..
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