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Found 2 results

  1. So here is the latest clutch of 6 from Wild and Splotch. Splotch is a son of Pebbles and BamBam shown previously under "sexing some new babies" topic on this forum. I have included descriptions below but if there are any errors please feel free to correct me. I will load a picture of the dad, Splotch at a future date but for now I believe he would be classified as a cobalt or violet pied split to ino and opaline. His mum BamBam was a violet opaline and his dad a recessive pied split to ino and dilute(greywing). I think Wild is a Single Factor dominant pied but not sure how to describe her colour. Maybe yellow faced green? Baby 1 - a single factor dominant pied but white face with blue markings. - female? Baby 2 and Baby 3 - cobalt and a cobalt pieds - both male I think. One has a small white dot on back of head which what I think might make him a pied. Baby 4 - Albino - has to be a hen I believe as neither of the parents are ino and also this therefore must come from the dad. Baby 5 - Creamino - a bit of a surprise - I suspect this will also have to be a hen for the same reason as baby 4 but I must admit I expected that a creamino would come from a lutino/albino combination so nice surprise. Baby 6 - my guess - an opaline single factor dominant pied cobalt - female. As I now believe that the dad splotch must be split to opaline since opaline is a sex-linked gene(carried by male) and his mum was in fact an opaline violet. Also I suspect that any opaline babies would have to be female as neither of the parents are opaline. Please feel free to comment or offer any corrections on what I have written above as I am still learning mutations/colours. Also to the moderators, I seem to have heaps of problems typing into the boxes on this forum as letters are left out so I usually resort to typing in a word doc then cutting and pasting. Is there another way around this?
  2. Hi everyone, haven't been on here for a while but I've returned with some pics of a pet budgie I hope to pair up so that hopefully someone give me some advice on what to pair him with. A while back I posted a topic trying to find out exactly what mutation he was thinking he was a "Lutino Lacewing" (I've learned a bit since then ), but I had a couple of responses suggesting opaline fallow. - http://forums.budgie...1329&hl=joachim In any case, he's turned out to be a very nice looking budgie, all yellow with nice markings on the back and a bright blue-green tail. Anyway, at 1 and a half years old, I'm starting to think about pairing him up with a female and trying to get some babies that will look similar. Some background information: His parents turned out to be a bit of a genetic mess having both lutino and albino offspring as well as normal greens and this guy. His mother was a lacewing and father a "normal green" obviously split to blue, as was mum. There are pics of the parents and the siblings in the link I added above if that's any help. So my question is, what should I pair with this male budgie in order to produce offspring that will be phenotypically similar? I would love to have some more pet budgies that look similar to the guy below. Any advice would be appreciated! Joachim.
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