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  1. Just an update. Thanks again for the information it was most helpfull, I have started introducing fruit and vegetables to my flock as well as acv ( thanks finnie, and you were right some people do consider it a cure all) have also added calcivet.the more we are reading the more we are learning, budgie breeders forum is quite the repository of valuable information.
  2. Verashubby


    G'day finnie it's nice to be welcomed.
  3. Thanks guys you have both been a great help and your information gives me a good starting point to work from.
  4. What vitamins do budgies in a bird room need? okay guys my daughters and I have budgies in a bird room a.k.a a shed. Temperature is fine and they seem fine, we feed them good quality seed with shell grit mixed in by us ( although we are researching the pros and cons of shell grit) cuttlebone, water (good quality) and are wormed regularly. What I want to know is what other vitamins do they need besides I think it's d3. Also we feed egg and biscuit as a side dish.
  5. Thanks....that was what I thought but never hurts to confirm these things
  6. Verashubby


    Ty budgie lov3r I'm already learning heaps....brilliant site.
  7. Verashubby


    Hi everyone my name is jason I live in Ipswich Queensland and have just started getting into the breeding and keeping of budgies. My daughters an myself hope to eventually move onto showing. But we are going to spend a fair while learning all we can in the process.
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